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Ending Unnecessary Sleep Deprivation
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Lucy Shrimpton
CEO & Sleep Expert
Lucy Shrimpton - CEO of Sleep Nanny

Meet your expert

I’m a wife, a mother of two and the founder of The Sleep Nanny®

I believe that a healthy and happy life starts with sleep! When I was returning home from hospital with our first baby, I was making calls from the car and running a business. I quickly realised how vital sleep is when this bundle of joy came along.

To me, there is nothing more important than using all the potential you were blessed with and to squeeze every last drop of joy and fulfilment out of the one life you’ve got.

To do that means getting the sleep you need so that you can also give your children the opportunity to become the very best of what they were born for and help them to get the sleep they need too!

In Need Of Sleep?

We have the solution for you. We believe in teaching YOU how to confidently navigate your child’s sleep so that you have a LONG TERM solution rather than a temporary fix.

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Sleep Nanny Academy™ offers the only training course that combines a certification in professional sleep consulting along with a business course that teaches you how to consistently enrol new clients and scale your business fast. We even guarantee your ROI

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About Sleep Nanny

The Sleep Nanny® is founded by a wife, a mother of two, best selling author, speaker and trainer, Lucy Shrimpton.

We help tired parents to get their children sleeping through the night, taking appropriate daytime naps and preventing over-tiredness.

The Sleep Nanny® offers newborn sleep shaping solutions and coping strategies for parents as well as tailored sleep programmes for baby sleep, toddler sleep and preschooler sleep.

There is no need for ‘cry it out’ or confused attempts at controlled crying. The Sleep Nanny® uses the most gentle, evidence based
and effective approaches to sleep training, matched to your individual child.

In 2017 Lucy launched Sleep Nanny Academy to train and develop a team of exceptional sleep consultants who can grow their own consulting businesses and enable us to serve more families around the world.

Meet the Founder

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The Importance
of Sleep

Sleep is when our bodies repair and replenish. It is very important for a baby’s growth and brain development, general development and healthy immune system.

The amount of sleep a baby or child has will affect his mood, alertness and ability to concentrate and participate in his environment.

Quality sleep is as important to a baby as the nourishment he gets. In adults sleep is important for keeping hearts healthy, reducing stress, feeling more active, boosting memory, helping body to replenish, reducing risk of depression and making us more productive.

The Affects of
Sleep Deprivation

Did you know that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture in some countries? That is how horrific it feels to be seriously sleep deprived! I have been in that state and I would not wish it upon anybody.

Some of the first signs of sleep deprivation are irritability, moodiness and disinhibition. Sleep deprived mothers often feel overwhelmed, short tempered and depressed.

Sleep deprivation is a huge contributor to road traffic accidents and interferes with the learning ability of school children due to poor concentration.

Myths and

“They are all different – My child just doesn’t need as much sleep”
An extreme minority of children can function perfectly well on a below average amount of sleep and in fact, 95% of children need the recommended average sleep for their age/weight.

“If I keep my child awake during the day, he will sleep better at night”
In actual fact an overtired child is more likely to wake earlier and have night wakings than a well rested child. Sleep begets sleep. If you miss your child sleep windows he is more likely to resist sleep when you do try to put him down.

It Early

“Babies are adaptable and can sleep on the go and work around my ‘out & about’ schedule”

You wouldn’t be on my website if you didn’t want your child to sleep well and you will need to commit to a flexible routine in order to acheive good sleep habits. So you will have to work around your baby to some extent. It is a short term pain for a long term gain!

“Sleepless nights are just part of being a parent. You have to grin and bear it until it passes”

This is not true and in fact, by ignoring poor sleep habits and not addressing them early on, you are allowing your child to set up potenial poor sleep habits for life.

Lucy Shrimpton’s:

The Sleep Nanny System

The only book that helps parents to become an expert in their child’s sleep by identifying the best approach for their unique family. Parenting is the solution to your little one’s sleep and we show you how to do this and achieve healthy sleep and happy life!

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What our Parents Say About Us

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I am lost for words! I just want to thank you SO much. After feeling like I had totally lost control and there was no light at the end of a very long dark tunnel, my 8 month old daughter has just slept through for a straight 11 hours only on night 2 of the “fade out” approach. I am one very happy mummy this morning. Thank you so much for your words and advice.

Leona Smart with Lola

Constant night wakings vanished in just 10 days!

It works! We have, at last, had a whole week of my 2 year old son sleeping from 6:30pm to 7am! We felt that from the moment that we started with Lucy that she treated our situation as a completely individual case and therefore never jumped to conclusions or made assumptions about our situation. We followed Lucy’s advice to the letter and as she predicted, the results came! If you are have a child who is an earlier waker, or wakes up in the middle of night on a regular basis, then I would highly recommend speaking with Lucy. At the end of the day, a good nights sleep is priceless!

Michelle Peel, with Fergus aged 2

No stress techniques turn sleep fighter around within a week!

As you know, our son had been waking in the night for 6 months!! It just goes to show that with the right technique to suit the individual child, they can learn to sleep well within a week or two and with a gentle technique that doesn’t require stressing the child or parents out!

He is also napping better in the day as a result.

Honey Dorey with Zico aged 20 months

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