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    The Sleep Nanny System

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    In Just Two Weeks

    My 8 month old has gone from waking every hour to sleeping through the night!

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Homepage Sleep Nanny Lucy ShrimptonExhausted and unable to function properly?

At your wits end?

Longing for enjoyment rather than suffering?

The Sleep Nanny® can change your life!

Using very gentle strategies designed to meet your child’s needs and suit your parenting style, you can start your journey today for a better rested, healthier and happier family life.

Our signature system is proven to get your family’s sleep on track in less than 4 weeks!

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  • Naimh, Justin & 5 month Louis
  • Robyn, Charlie & 19 month Rudi
  • Louise, Stuart & 8 month Riley
  • Naimh, Justin & 5 month Louis

    “Lucy was a real find, she really got to know me and Louis so we found the perfect method and approach for us. She was the first person I told when Louis slept through even before my other half”

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  • Robyn, Charlie & 19 month Rudi

    “Amazing results my 19 month was waking 4/5 times a night, only after a week and half with lucys help he sleeps through the night, thanx you so much”

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  • Louise, Stuart & 8 month Riley

    “After Lucy’s support Riley is now sleeping through the night after waking every 2-3hrs!! I never thought this day would come, mummy & daddy are very happy”

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A wife, a mother of two, best selling author and certified sleep consultant, Lucy Shrimpton helps tired parents to get their children sleeping through the night, taking appropriate daytime naps and preventing over-tiredness.

The Sleep Nanny® offers newborn sleep shaping solutions and coping strategies for parents as well as tailored sleep programmes for baby sleep, toddler sleep and preschooler sleep.

There is no need for ‘cry it out’ or confused attempts at controlled crying. The Sleep Nanny® uses the most gentle, evidence based and effective approaches to sleep training, matched to your individual child.

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