Night Feeds

At this age, many babies no longer require a feed in the night while others still do.

In some cases, the night feeding has stopped but he suddenly seems hungry in the night again? - Is it an influx of hunger due to a growth spurt?
- Is it frustration with settling during this tricky developmental period?

It is very easy to confuse these two possibilities so don’t jump to the assumption that it must be hunger.

If your baby has not needed feeding during the night for several weeks, it is unlikely that he will need it again now.

If you are unsure about whether or not night feeding is still required, try using the dream feed where you give a feed before you go to bed and it doesn’t matter whether or not your baby even wakes for the feed. It gives you peace of mind that your baby is satisfied and enables you to meet any other waking in the night with soothing and reassuring techniques.

- Note: you can offer two dream feeds in the night if you like or use the Gradual Decrease technique.