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Bedtime battles, co-sleeping and had enough, multiple night-time disturbances, toddler getting out of bed repeatedly, early rising, nap refusal.

You don’t need to ride it out indefinitely. Your family deserves to wake up and feel great every day!

The Sleep Nanny® Solution

The Sleep Nanny® Solution

The Sleep Nanny®’s signature system is designed to work with your unique situation. There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to child sleep problems because each child’s age, personality, temperament and family dynamic are just a few of the factors that make each case individual.

It is very difficult to see your own situation clearly when you are in the thick of it and sleep deprived, so having some professional and personalised guidance and support will make a huge difference.

The Sleep Nanny® is British and based in the south of England but serves families internationally.

  • My Expertise

    My Expertise

    Certified Gentle Sleep Coach 2014-2016 (View certificate)
    Read more about the gentle sleep philosophy here
    Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant (View certificate)
    PIER Certified Paediatric Sleep Practitioner RCN (View certificate) and RCPCH Accredited (View certificate)
    Further studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychology & Early Childhood Development

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  • My Methods

    My Methods

    I approach every circumstance with gentle, responsive solutions that work. They work because they suit the parents and they suit the child.

    It is widely misunderstood that ‘sleep training’ is a bad thing or is somehow cruel or distressing for a baby or young child. This is simply an idea based on an extreme form of sleep training known as ‘Cry It Out’ – something I am not an advocate of.

    I have studied the many methods of sleep training and the ranges of parenting styles and I have discovered that whether an attachment parent or a fan of Ferber, there is a gentle solution to suit you.

    I believe that at the extreme ends of the spectrum, there are two complete opposite and yet equally damaging styles of sleep training but there is a whole realm of gentle, safe and affective approaches in the middle.

    There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. The Sleep Nanny System devises a bespoke plan just for you and your unique situation because every family, lifestyle, personality and circumstance is unique.

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  • My Story

    My Story

    My name is Lucy and I am a wife and mother of two. I am British and I live on the south coast of England but we serve families all over the world.

    Since having our son and working through his sleep challenges, I have had a passion and a fascination for sleep during childhood and the science and philosophies that are unique to children. Previous generations have told themselves that it is all just a part of parenthood and that we just have to endure the sleep deprivation until it passes but I discovered that it really doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of help, guidance and support, you can create a well rested household and install excellent sleep skills that will benefit your child for life.

    During a nursery parents evening, my daughter’s key-worker told me of a mother whose son was nearly two and had never slept through the night. She described how worn out this poor mother seemed on a daily basis. I immediately felt compassion for this mother and desperately wanted to help her. I knew she did not need to suffer and she could feel the same relief I felt when I experienced a transformation with my family. This was not the first time I had felt compelled to help tired parents get their sleep back.

    My passion for the subject and my desire to help change people’s lives for the better, had been manifesting! It was after that parents evening in October 2013 that I decided I had to do this as a profession, so I embarked upon extensive study and training with the worlds best teachers and mentors. As a mother who has been in your shoes, I can tell you that there is light, or should I say sleep, at the end of the tunnel and, what’s more, we can take you by the hand and show you the way, FAST!

    I appreciate any skepticism you (or more likely, your partner) might have, as I have been there also – Don’t be afraid, ask us anything you need to know to help make a decision that’s right for you. It won’t cost you a penny to ask. Having learnt as much as I have, I feel blessed that my Son has been a challenge with his sleep because he is part of the inspiration that made me want to pass on the gift of sleep to other tired parents.

    I hand select and train my Certified Sleep Nanny Consultants to help you. I wish to make it a normality to seek the help of a sleep consultant.

    My mission is simple – I want to change as many lives as possible for the better by giving the gift of sleep, helping families to feel refreshed and able to enjoy better quality time together.

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The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is when our bodies repair and replenish. It is very important for a baby’s growth and brain development, general development and healthy immue system. The amount of sleep a baby or child has will affect his mood, alertness and ability to concentrate and participate in his environment. Quality sleep is as important to a baby as the nourishment he gets. In adults sleep is important for keeping hearts healthy, reducing stress, feeling more active, boosting memory, helping body to replenish, reducing risk of depression and making us more productive.

The Affects of Sleep Deprivation

The Affects of Sleep Deprivation

Did you know that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture in some countries? That is how horrific it feels to be seriously sleep deprived! I have been in that state and I would not wish it upon anybody. Some of the first signs of sleep deprivation are irritability, moodiness and disinhibition. Sleep deprived mothers often feel overwhelmed, short tempered and depressed. Sleep deprivation is a huge contributor to road traffic accidents and interferes with the learning ability of school children due to poor concentration.

Myths and Misconceptions

Myths and Misconceptions

“They are all different – My child just doesn’t need as much sleep”
An extreme minority of children can function perfectly well on a below average amount of sleep and in fact, 95% of children need the recommended average sleep for their age/weight.

“If I keep my child awake during the day, he will sleep better at night”
In actual fact an overtired child is more likely to wake earlier and have night wakings than a well rested child. Sleep begets sleep. If you miss your child sleep windows he is more likely to resist sleep when you do try to put him down.

“Babies are adaptable and can sleep on the go and work around my ‘out & about’ schedule”
You wouldn’t be on my website if you didn’t want your child to sleep well and you will need to commit to a flexible routine in order to acheive good sleep habits. So you will have to work around your baby to some extent. It is a short term pain for a long term gain!

“Sleepless nights are just part of being a parent. You have to grin and bear it until it passes”
This is not true and in fact, by ignoring poor sleep habits and not addressing them early on, you are allowing your child to set up potenial poor sleep habits for life.

Find Your Path to Success…

Find Your Path to Success…

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  • Naimh, Justin & 5 month Louis
  • Robyn, Charlie & 19 month Rudi
  • Louise, Stuart & 8 month Riley
  • Naimh, Justin & 5 month Louis

    “Lucy was a real find, she really got to know me and Louis so we found the perfect method and approach for us. She was the first person I told when Louis slept through even before my other half”

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  • Robyn, Charlie & 19 month Rudi

    “Amazing results my 19 month was waking 4/5 times a night, only after a week and half with lucys help he sleeps through the night, thanx you so much”

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  • Louise, Stuart & 8 month Riley

    “After Lucy’s support Riley is now sleeping through the night after waking every 2-3hrs!! I never thought this day would come, mummy & daddy are very happy”

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