From the desk of The Sleep Nanny® 

Sleep Expert, Author, Speaker and Trainer

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in Sleep Nanny Academy and becoming a sleep consultant to help parents of 0-6 year olds.

If you have clicked through to this letter then you have already read all the information we shared on the web page (if not, please go back and read through).

In this letter, my aim is to answer questions you may have so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you could become a Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant.

For many, a career as a sleep consultant can be both fulfilling and lucrative. However this is entirely down to the individual and we cannot promise how it will work out for you. Only your choices and your actions can shape your results.

You already know the impact that sleep deprivation has on families and that one in four children have a behavioural sleep disorder. With around 700,000 births per year in the UK alone, that’s approximately 175,000 sleep challenges!

You may have been around groups of parents where the continued hot topic is their little ones’ sleep. Perhaps you have experienced sleep challenges first hand with your own child.

It is becoming more known that help is available to parents suffering with sleep deprivation and babies and children not sleeping soundly.

Part of The Sleep Nanny® mission is to normalise sleep consulting and ensure every tired family has access to the help they need.

Now you have read the entire web page and this letter so far. Here is what’s next…

If you are now preparing for the next steps, please read this document which answers questions you may have before applying.

It is extremely important to us that we only accept people onto this programme who are ready to commit to building their own business and have the ability to learn all the skills of a Sleep Nanny Consultant.

This opportunity is not for everyone, so consider it carefully and, if you feel you have what it takes to become a Sleep Nanny Consultant, you can apply for our next training course.

Your Questions Answered

What does a Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant actually do?

The role of a sleep consultant is to work with parents or caregivers to educate, guide and support them to improve the behavioural sleep habits in their family. 

A typical client will begin by by completing an assessment which the consultant will analyse and then a face to face consultation takes place (in person or online) to discuss a plan of action. The consultant will then support the client via a number of follow-up calls to further guide and hold them accountable.

Consultants also work with families in a group environment, via workshops, talks and Q&A sessions. 

It is the consultants choice whether or not to offer home visit consultations or just online video meetings. Video calls can be recorded which may be beneficial to the client and also enables consultants to work with anyone in the world.

How do I get clients?

During training you will learn a number of strategies for client acquisition. With our ongoing business coaching package further guidance is also provided and we supply tools for you to measure and critique your performance so that you know what areas you need to work on.

It is entirely the consultant’s responsibility to bring on their own clients. The Sleep Nanny® does not provide consultants with clients as part of the programme.

How many hours per week would I need to work?

This is something you would have to decide upon as everybody has different levels of productivity. 

You will need to allow time to serve the clients you are working with as well as some admin time, some marketing time and some time to continue learning and growing yourself and your business.

The training course is broken into manageable weekly sections so that a working parent could fit in their study time over a few evenings per week.

Can I really do this?

Yes. There are some sleep training courses out there which only accept professionals from a childcare or healthcare background and these courses are adding another area of knowledge to those professionals.

Sleep Nanny Academy is different because we teach people how to become consultants who work with parents/care givers to guide them to a solution. It is the parents or caregivers who seek the expert help, not the baby or child. The infant with the sleep challenges is the effect of the problem and helping the parents is where the solution is found.

We teach you everything you need to know about sleep and also how to work with parents to coach them and guide them from problem to solution.

So long as you are able to learn, you are able to do this.

If you are looking for a job, this is not for you.

If you are looking for an agency to provide you with work, this is not for you.

If you think being your own boss and working from home is easy, this is not for you.

If you are ready to learn, willing to participate fully, have a driven personality and are able to take ownership of your choices, actions and results, then becoming a Sleep Nanny Consultant is something you could do.

How does the training work?

Those who are accepted for a place will begin with the training course which is structured over 8-10 weeks approximately.

You will have your own login to our training platform. Each week you will receive your learning content for the week and we will have a live, video conference call class to review the week’s content and answer any questions.

There are short quizzes throughout the course for you to test your knowledge along the way.

There is a two-day in person training seminar held in Hampshire, UK.

Travel and accommodation for this event are at your own expense. Lunch and refreshments are provided and we like to take participants for a group dinner after the first day to get to know each other in an informal setting. (attendance to the dinner is optional but desirable)

You will complete an exam at the end of your training course and we require a score of 80% or above to pass. You can retake the exam and additional support will be given to ensure your knowledge is secure.

Upon completion of training you will receive a certificate

What do I get on an ongoing basis?

You will receive a license to use The Sleep Nanny® registered trade mark and any unregistered marks belonging to the brand.

You will receive weekly case supervision calls with our expert trainers.

You will receive a monthly business coaching session with our business growth specialist.

You will be invited to attend a monthly mastermind session for advanced training.

You will join our certified consultant group online for day-to-day peer support.

You will received your own @sleepnanny email address, calendar and file drive.

You will be given a web page to show case your services.

You will have access to our graphic design work for your marketing materials.

You will be able to use our appointment booking platform to help streamline your business processes.

You will be a part of our brand culture and mission so you will never feel alone as you grow your business.

You will be eligible to purchase insurance cover for your business from our insurer who has approved our training and services.

What is the monthly fee for?

Your monthly fee (payable annually with a discount if you prefer) maintains an active license and certification and everything listed in the previous question.

How long is the license agreement?

Upon completion of your initial training course, you will receive certification and your annual license agreement commences.

The license agreement lasts for a 12 month commitment period. We believe this to be the minimum time required to utilise all the benefits of the license provided throughout the year.

The license will automatically renew year on year unless you choose to cancel and provide written notice of this decision not to renew.

Do I pay any percentage of my earnings to The Sleep Nanny?

No. Your income is entirely your responsibility and we do not take any percentage of your earnings.

This is a professional certification programme that certifies that you have completed our training. This is not a franchise, “business opportunity,” employee relationship, referral programme, or business partnership with The Sleep Nanny® or Forever Inspired Ltd. 

The role of The Sleep Nanny® and Sleep Nanny Academy is to train you on a proprietary process for sleep consulting, and then to support you in your skill development as a sleep consultant.

You receive a certification that you have completed your training. From there, providing your services or building your business is up to you. This means that The Sleep Nanny® and Sleep Nanny Academy do not send you clients, take a portion of your revenue, demand accounting, or ask, in any way whatsoever, to be involved in your business. All we do is certify that you’ve completed training. To be clear: you are responsible for building your own business, marketing your own brand, getting your own clients—all without any obligation to The Sleep Nanny® or Sleep Nanny Academy. You build your own personal brand, find your own clients, keep all your money—you earned it! 

Important: If you are looking to be a protégé, franchisee, or partner of The Sleep Nanny®, then this is not for you. This is for people who want to run their own business. This means you want an elite-level service to offer your own customers or to use with your own teams or clients. Again, we do not take a cut of any of your income, which is why this is so awesome. You’re being trained by a leading authority in this space and you are given all our tools to help you create your own success. That’s why you will be able to market yourself as a Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant. You will also receive a certificate at the end of your training, and your name will be listed on the The Sleep Nanny® website as an active consultant. 

Can I use my own business name?

Of course. You can call your business whatever you choose. 

Do I need to become self employed or create a company?

In the UK, you will need to tell HMRC that you are commencing self-employment as a sole trader. This is a straight forward process without any cost.

You can create a company if you wish but this is not necessary when starting out. Seek the advice of your accountant if you are unsure.

Is the training course recognised or accredited by any recognised bodies?

We are proud to have been awarded the OCN LONDON Quality Mark for our training course. (Open College Network)

The Sleep Nanny® is a proud member of The CPD Certification Service (Continued Professional Development). Our online and live trainings have both been CPD certified and those completing our trainings will receive CPD certificates carrying CPD points.

How do I apply to Sleep Nanny Academy?

The application process to become a Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant is open to anyone in the world. We have limited number of places available on each course so applications are due immediately.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our brand culture and values are maintained so that customers know they can expect high standards when they work with a Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant. This requires diligence in our application process to ensure the brand culture is upheld among our certified licensee consultants.

To apply for a place you need to complete the application form (link below) along with your application deposit which holds your place.

We will then send you a short quiz to determine how well you fit our requirements and we will schedule your video call interview with one of our team.

After the interview, we will let you know if you have been successfully awarded place in the academy.

If I am accepted, what are the next steps?

Upon acceptance, your deposit is deducted from the balance due. 

The balance due can be made in one payment or we may offer a payment plan depending on how close we are to the course commencement date.

If for any reason your decline your place, we will refund your deposit.

How much is a place in Sleep Nanny Academy?

Tuition is payable in one payment for the entire first year or you can pay the course training fee and spread the rest out in monthly payments.


£6497 one time fee

This is your initial training and your entire first year.

After one year, you can renew annually at £2497 or begin monthly payments at £247/month

Paying annually saves you over £460 per year.


£3997 one time fee

£247/month commences upon completion of your initial training course

Your application deposit will be deducted from your tuition fee

What if I don’t love it?

We are confident that you will enjoy our training however, if within three weeks from the course commencement date, you decide it was not for you after all, you can terminate your agreement for a full refund, no questions asked. If you continue into week four without exercising this opportunity to drop out, the course is non-refundable.

We are looking for positive, enthusiastic, driven individuals who would like to make a difference by helping others while building a business of their own - Is this you?

Still have questions? Please email

With warmest regards, 

Founder and CEO The Sleep Nanny®

Forever Inspire Ltd