Baby Sleep Basics

Essential steps for great sleep from the start!

Getting off to the right start could save you countless sleepless nights:

  • Sleep is vital for your baby's brain development so helping them get the rest they need is very important.
  • This is the only workshop available online, offering gentle, practical and implementable techniques for baby sleep shaping right from the early weeks.
  • Brought to you by your certified Gentle Sleep Coach, maternity and child sleep consultant, author and speaker - The Sleep Nanny®

How much does sleep deprivation impact your family's lives...

All babies wake up in the night for feeding purposes and comfort needs until they are able to last the long stretch without a feed and can self soothe but how and when does that happen and what if that time comes and they continue to wake and rely on a lot of help?

New parents usually expect some sleepless nights in the beginning but it should carry on to the point that you have many months of ongoing sleep deprivation which might cause, depression, marital problems, safety concerns for your children and so on...

Sleep is vital for you baby's brain development and to maintain good health and immune system. It is also crucial for a parent's mental and physical well being. If sleep deprivation is ignored, you can be on a downward spiral until you take action.

“I feel calm and confident that I am 'doing things right' and giving my baby the best start to make it easier for her to develop essential skills around sleep as she becomes developmentally able.”

If you do nothing at this stage, where do you see things a month from now? Three months from now? A year from now? Do you live in hope that things will just improve? It is more likely that things will get worse than better and your family is too precious to take the path of hope when the path of 'action, implementation and results' is available to you.

By choosing Baby Sleep Basics, you'll have:

12 Essential Tips For Better Sleep

Those early months are tough anyway but with these 12 essential tips you will breeze through them.

Knowledge is Power

With an understanding of what you can expect at each stage and no unnecessary pressure, you will feel empowered and achieve better sleep sooner.

Personal Coaching

With your worksheet to fill in and  create your own steps and the ongoing support in our group online, you will recive very personalised guidance.

Imagine having a baby and being well-rested enough to enjoy your baby and your family to the full

"I thought I had post-natal depression but it turned to be sleep deprivation."

What you do in those early months can make a huge impact on how your baby's sleep develops as she becomes more and more capable. Why wait until she 'should' be developmentally able only to find that she doesn't know how, when you can start shaping things from the beginning very gently and very gradually.

The ability to settle oneself is a learned skill which means we must, in some way, teach it to our children. Babies absorb these learnings more easily when they are young and the optimum age for teaching this skill is around 6 months. However, by laying the best foundations and shaping things from the start, you will find this naturally flows into more advanced ability by the time you get to 6 months and you will have saved your family months of sleep deprivation too!

What You Get...

Register now for Baby Sleep Basics and you will secure your place on the workshop...

"I got onto a webinar workshop session that very same day."

Your worksheet will be yours to download immediately upon signing up and you can choose from many workshop sessions every week so you will be sure to find a day/time that works for you. Don't worry if you miss it for any reason as a replay will be sent to you afterwards too!

Every week your baby gets a little older and a lot of learning takes place. Make sure you are the BEST teacher and take the workshop NOW to give your baby the best possible start with sleep.

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5 Steps To Better Sleep

Baby Sleep Basics is so valuable for your family

Baby Sleep Basics is for those who want THE BEST start with sleep for their baby and their family. For those who won't risk their family's well-being on 'hope' or on 'wait and see' but take action to ensure it is a certainty.

What does this workshop cost you?  About the same if not less than going out for lunch with that special someone. What is the cost to your family if you do nothing? Tired, irritable parents with deteriorating health and substandard concentration skills which could pose a safety risk. Perhaps if it goes on longer, depression, marital break-down or a car accident! All the while a baby who is not at his happiest or healthiest due to his own lack of sleep. Why wait when you can achieve so much now?

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