8 Month Sleep Regression

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Be prepared for some changes at this stage but don’t write off your challenges to a regression and put it out of your control – This is an excuse.

Likewise, don’t look for it and blame any little blips on a so-called regression when actually things might be just as they need to be right now.

I don’t like the word regression and I don’t believe there is an 8 month sleep regression. At 8 months, your baby’s sleep needs are shifting and, if you’re not accommodating this shift with him, the night sleep deteriorates as a repercussion.

Your baby is still progressing and moving forwards, not backwards. Just because the night sleep takes a hit during this progression does not mean your baby has regressed in any way.

So what’s happening?

Recently your baby will have been best suited to three naps per day amounting to around 3 and a half hours per day with wakeful periods in between of about 2-3 hours.

Over the coming couple of months your baby is going to shift down to two naps per day of approximately 90 minutes each with 3 hour wakeful periods in between sleeps.

Making this transition takes some time and you have to take each day as it comes for a while as some days he will need more and other days he will manage on less sleep.

A major reason for a deterioration in the night sleep is that babies are not getting enough sleep in the daytime or they are having wakeful periods that are way too long and this leaves them over tired. Over tiredness causes disturbed night sleep.

As they are becoming so much more alert and aware, practicing crawling and standing perhaps, they are too excited to sleep and will often give you the impression that they are not ready for a sleep – Have one eye on your child and one eye on the time because waiting for sleepy signs from your baby will mean you’re waiting too late!

For a handy reminder at your fingertips, I’ve created a printable Quick-Guide for you.

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