Daytime Naps

Written by on 12th January 2021 Posted in Blog|Video

Your little one’s daytime naps or lack thereof could be the secret sauce to getting sleep filled nights!

In this episode I explain why naps are so important for night sleep and how the two go hand in hand. If your little one isn’t getting adequate daytime sleep, there is a good chance their night sleep will be disturbed and short too!

I also share with you how much sleep little ones need at different ages and stages and, really importantly, how these sleeps need to be spaced out so as not to keep them awake for too long and enter the over tired zone!

Daytime naps can be complicated to navigate and just as you think you’ve got it all figured out, they change again as they’re always growing and developing. We’re here to clear this up for you and help you understand how to manage naps through your little one’s early years.

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