Marzia Mohseni

Republic of Ireland
Child Behavioural Expert

I am a Paediatric Sleep Consultant and mum to an active little girl. I guide and coach families all around the world to overcome their sleep challenges.

About Marzia

My name is Marzia and I am a Paediatric Sleep Coach and a Certified Partner of the Sleep Nanny. I also have a Master’s in Applied Psychological Science from University College Dublin.

As a newborn, my daughter exclusively contact napped for 4 months and was rocked to sleep at bedtime (and every time she woke up at night). While I felt blessed to have my daughter close to me at all times, I would go for hours without eating and drinking or getting out of bed. When the 4-month sleep regression hit, we also said goodbye to 6-7 hour stretches of sleep at night. We said hello to hourly night wakes and the never-ending cycle of rocking to sleep, putting her down, her waking the minute her feet touched the crib and rocking again. No amount of research or reading generic books or websites helped us. I reached a point where I said ‘This is enough, I need someone who can hold my hand and guide me’. I then made it my mission to become “THAT SOMEONE” to other exhausted and sleep-deprived parents and their children.

My solution and coaching will be bespoke and suited to your child and their unique personality as well as your unique family circumstances. No two children are the same and this is why they need a personalised solution. You deserve to enjoy parenthood and get the sleep you need without using “cry it out” or “wait it out”.

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“Marzia was a miracle, she has saved our sanity and marriage”

Three weeks ago we were barely sleeping. Our 3-year-old baby boy Adam would wake up at least 3 times on a good night and would scream for his bottle (oat milk) and try to get in our bed as he was scared of “monsters”.

My husband is a truck driver and drives long hours, so he needed his sleep as he would sometimes miss the stop signs and would be sleepy all day. My husband and I had been sleeping mostly separately since Adam was born. If co-sleeping is working for you, that is good, but it had a very negative impact on our sleep and marriage.

Our sweet 15-month-old daughter, Grace, would also wake up every 3 hours and I would rock/bounce her back to sleep with a pacifier every time (sometimes it would take over 30 mins). Grace would also nap twice a day for 20 minutes each and would be miserable by bedtime.

Fast forward to now, both our babies are sleeping throughout the night (I cannot believe I am saying this). My son no longer has bottles at night (his teeth are thanking Marzia too), and is not afraid of the dark/monsters. My daughter also settles herself to sleep and wakes in the morning with a big smile on her face. Both our babies also take 1 long 2+ hours nap in the day and give mommy a chance to catch up with fitness and hobbies.

Marzia’s approach was very gentle and my husband and I both felt very comfortable implementing the personalized plans. We felt amazing to be able to support our babies to sleep independently without abandoning them or letting them Cry it out. Adam and Grace are much happier during the day now that they are well rested and my husband and I have our bed to ourselves. We have also noticed Adam’s appetite has increased during the day now that he does not have milk at night anymore.

Once again we appreciate your patience, kindness and coaching.


Eight month old previously waking multiple times a night and needing to be fed to sleep, Now sleeps 10-11 hours every night…

I recently underwent some gentle sleep training with Marzia for my 8-month-old son.

He was waking in the night and unable to settle without being breastfed, although he was physiologically ready to drop night feeds. The feeds were inhibiting his appetite during the day, and he would often not want his milk when we got up in the morning, but it was proving very difficult for me to break his night feeding habit as he seemed to need the comfort of breastfeeding to get back to sleep.

I’m a generally sleepy person anyway, so I found having to get up every night exhausting! Within just a few days of implementing Marzia’s suggestions, the night feeds have stopped. My boy now normally sleeps without waking for 10-11 hours overnight, and if he does wake he either self-soothes or I employ Marzia’s simple technique to help him drift back to sleep.

I found the training easy to put into practice, untraumatic, and quick to work. Marzia was friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, and flexible. I’m feeling much more rested – thank you for your help!


Twins went from being rocked and fed to sleep at bedtime and naps to falling asleep independently in their cots from 7pm to 6:30am

Marzia was very helpful and attentive from the beginning of the process, she had lots of tips and it’s made our lives so much better now we can all sleep better!

Highly recommend Marzia, she’s supported me in gaining invaluable sleep skills.

Mum of 10 month old twins, Zayd and Ayaan.

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