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Greater London
Potty Training, Early Years Specialist

I’m Nicky, a wife, mother and Certified Partner of The Sleep Nanny.

About Nicky

I have over 20 years of experience working with children in a variety of different settings. I’m also very lucky to have my little one and appreciate the unique challenges that sleep training your baby or child can bring. Over the years, I’ve seen every sleep issue going. So, when the opportunity came my way to become a Sleep Consultant, I jumped at the chance. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. There is nothing more satisfying than helping parents to help their children get good quality, restorative sleep.


Are you sick of being tired? Sick of struggling to get through every day hoping that tonight, by some miracle, you finally get a good night’s sleep? I work closely with families and offer a bespoke sleep solution to help achieve better sleep for the whole family.

I have helped countless families get better sleep. I can help you and your family. There is no need for sleep deprivation or leaving your child to cry it out. Whatever your sleep issue is, book a call. With my individual tailored, understanding and nurturing sleep training, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Nicky has literally transformed our lives.

Nicky has literally transformed our lives. We cannot recommend her highly enough! Nicky’s guidance and support helped us to night wean our bed-sharing toddler and he is now sleeping through the night in his own room! Before Nicky worked her magic, we were beginning to think this was not going to be possible. The custom plan from Nicky was invaluable and has given us our lives (and bed!) back. Nicola is extremely knowledgeable, patient and supportive and the methods followed were gentle but effective. Thank you so much Nicky!

Happy Client

Nicky helped us get back on track

Alix and Zoe were waking up approximately 10 times a night and their nap schedule was all over the place. Nicky helped us get back on track and within a few days, they were sleeping through the night again and their naps became a lot longer. We now have 2 very happy and super-chatty little girls, who fall asleep without us and sleeping so much better. It makes a world of difference to their very sleep-deprived parents! Thank you again for your precious help. It’s been invaluable to all 4 of us.

Happy Client

Nicky’s support has been absolutely invaluable to us

Working with Nicky was an absolute game changer for us. We were limping through our co-sleeping days with awful chronic sleep deprivation and an exhausted toddler, with no idea how to move on to independent sleeping. Despite the intense heatwave and other circumstantial obstacles, Nicky gently, confidently and expertly coached us and our daughter to the point where Sofie can now comfortably and confidently sleep through the night alone and we can get some hugely needed sleep ourselves. Nicky’s support has been absolutely invaluable to us, we are tremendously grateful that we found her and had the good sense to ask for her help. It has hands down been the best parental decision we have made all year.

Happy Client

Sleep Essence Collection


This gift of sleep has been lovingly created to help you and your family to relax and restore.

Cleverly combining the effects of soothing and calming essential oils, with empowering guidance to optimise sleep and well-being for your family.

Spritz the room or pillow to trigger sleepy hormones, sweet dreams and ward off nighttime fears for young children.

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Spritz to Sleep Spray


A spritz of sleep essence spray creates a calm environment for peaceful sleep.

Using the same sleep-evoking essential oils as our luxury candle, you can unleash the calming scents faster with our spray, which is also safe for children’s rooms.

Use as a pillow mist, aura spray or room scent to optimise your sleep environment while evoking those sleepy hormones within.


Luxury Sleep Candle


The sleep essence candle will help you relax and unwind, preparing you for a good sleep.

Take time for yourself and enjoy the aroma of these essential oils while you take a bath or while you get your little one ready for bed. Lavender and ylang-ylang will calm your nervous system and help you feel sleepy. The cedarwood will trigger the release of serotonin in the brain which, in low light, will convert into melatonin, the sleepy hormone.


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Absolutely Transformative Experience with Nicky

Absolutely Transformative Experience with Nicky Before working with Nicky, bedtime with Jasper was a nightly ordeal that no parent wants to go through. We used to spend up to an hour each evening sitting by his cot as he cried on and off, attempting to settle him down for the night. Multiple wake-ups were the norm, and we were physically and emotionally drained from constantly having to get up to soothe him or bring him into our bed to the point he was in our bed from about 11pm at night meaning we all didn’t sleep very well squished in our bed. Nicky’s approach was nothing short of miraculous. She tailored her strategies to fit Jasper’s unique needs – he’s very sensitive and resistant to change, and the results were immediate and lasting. We went from prolonged, tearful bedtime routines to a peaceful 15-minute process where Jasper happily goes into his cot awake and falls asleep on his own chatting to himself kicking about without us in the room. Even better, the frequent wake-ups are a thing of the past. On the rare occasions when he does stir, Jasper can now self-soothe and go back to sleep in less than a minute. Nicky’s expertise has transformed not only Jasper’s sleep habits but our entire family dynamic. We’re all more rested and happier, thanks to her compassionate and effective guidance. I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you’re struggling with your child’s sleep, Nicky is the person to turn to.

Happy Client

It’s the best money we’ve spent all year. Thank you Nicky!

We were so desperate to get some sleep by the point we called Nicky for help. We were given the recommendation by a friend who said Nicky was magic. I will be honest, we were sceptical at first whether the process would work for our strong willed 20month old, but we kept with the program Nicky set us. It does take work, it took us around 6 weeks to go from a child that could barely sleep for 2 hours in a row without parent support, to a little boy who can be put down in his cot and sleep through the full night. Nicky’s methods are gentle and avoid any crying out which was so important for us. She gave us loads of support as well as space to try different things out. If you need help, give her a call. I can’t recommend her enough. It’s the best money we’ve spent all year. Thank you Nicky!

Happy Client

Nicky was very professional, friendly and genuine

Nicky was very professional, friendly and genuine- she actually truly cares about her clients. She had a natural way of understanding our 1 year old better than we did! My advice is don’t think twice just book a call and take it from there. That’s what we did and we made all the changes we wanted and needed in the first night, saw a dramatic change in him in the second night and was a pro sleeper in 5 days. Within 10 days he was super independent. He even went through a bout of sickness and was actually happy to be in his own cot. What an unbelievable transformation. Wished we had found her sooner. So happy to be part of the club! Thank you Nicky.

Happy Client

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