Hey I'm Daisy Ferns

Certified Sleep Consultant - All Locations

Are you at rock bottom because of your child’s sleep?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works?

Want a responsive solution that is tailored to your unique situation, and more importantly WORKS?

Hi, I’m Daisy, mum of 2

I discovered sleep training after experiencing severe sleep deprivation with my daughter. Assuming she was just one of those children who didn’t sleep well, my husband and I just put up with the exhaustion thinking she would eventually sleep through the night. When she got to 4.5 and was STILL waking 5+ times a night (plus we had a newborn by this point) we realised we need to do something, and fast.

Working with a sleep consultant changed our lives. Once we had the support and guidance we needed, everything fell into place. The whole process left me obsessed with infant sleep and I knew I wanted to help other families like mine. Before I knew it, I was training with the Sleep Nanny Academy and I haven’t looked back.

As a certified sleep consultant I use gentle, responsive methods that are tailored to your child and your family, as let’s face it, every child is different!

I will not tell you to leave your child to ‘cry it out.’ Sleep training should not be a distressing process for anyone involved; we can absolutely get your child sleeping through the night using gentle and responsive methods.

I’ve been where you are now and I know how it feels to be exhausted. When you are ready, I am here to help.