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Course Title:

Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant

Course Duration:

Online Training: 8 weeks

Live Training: 3 Days​

Course Fees:

Option 1 - Solo

Training & Certification: £1997

Option 2 - Associate

Training & Certification: £2997

License fee: £197 per month

Annual License Fee:

The license fee is an annual commitment which is payable monthly as outlined above.

You are only one step away from being on the next training course!

When you join Sleep Nanny Academy to become a certified sleep nanny practitioner, you’ll undergo thorough training and then become certified. You’ll receive ongoing support and additional training while operating your business to maintain your certification license.

What the course looks like...

Before the course begins you will get your personal login details to access the Sleep Nanny Academy online. Your initial online training will be by video and handout content which will be released in modules each week. This enables the class to complete each module in 'real time'. You’ll study and review the content each week and complete a short quiz to assess your progress and make sure it is 'going in'. We will have a weekly live class online where you can ask questions about that weeks' content and we can discuss the topic live as a group.

During the last two weeks of online training, we will be starting some pro-bono cases to get you 'hands on'.

Live Training In Person -
(Only for Option 2 - Associate level)

After the online training is complete, you’ll come to our live training event in Hampshire, UK. The live training will be taught by me and my team and will be the finishing touches to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to be a sleep practitioner.

One of the live training days will focus solely on teaching you how to run your business. From marketing and sales to tech systems to help you operate smoothly -  You'll leave feeling equipped and ready to launch right away. We will even help you set up any applications needed and ensure all your systems are in place during the live event.

There will be a final exam and certification will be awarded.

Once certified you are ready to launch your business. You will need to sign a license agreement which entitles you to use our certification and our 'marks' (logos etc). If you take the associate option, you will be given a dedicated profile page on our website so people can find you via HQ and we will be directing any browsers of the site to select a Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant that is local to them or who they feel is a good fit. Of course you are free to do any additional marketing that you choose.

You can set your own pricing and will be advised on this during training. You keep 100% of the profits that you make in your business. Your initial fee is for the training and certification. Associate consultants will then pay a monthly fee to maintain your license and contribute to the ongoing training, support and business setup we provide. Solo consultants will simply pay an annual license renewal fee after the first year.

We want to be sure that our certified consultants are up to date with their knowledge at all times and can discuss cases with me if they need to. We also want to maintain a great reputation and be in close contact with all consultants so that we can be sure of the standards we, as a brand, are providing. We intend to do this initially by your application interview and then through the monthly support and ongoing advanced training we give you (for associate consultants).

The other way you will be able to generate some passive revenue is through affiliate sales of our online products and books. You will have an affiliate code and anytime you direct people to those items, you will be rewarded a commission.

So we look forward to meeting you for your application interview and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.