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Your little one isn't sleeping as well as he or she could be and you're probably suffering as a consequence too?

You know you need to take action but you just don't know what to do as you've tried everything!​

You feel your little one is ​not like most others and the things that seem to work for your friends, just don't work for your child.

You recognise that without adequate sleep, you cannot be the best 'you' for your child, your child's health and development is affected and your family's well-being is at stake. Not to mention the bigger impacts such as depression, relationship strain and safety in driving - the list goes on...​

You've read, you've researched and you know it's not going to get better on its own. So what can you do​

The Email-Only Programme is perfect for someone who needs specific, tailored​, step by step guidance, written for your child and your family uniquely. Here's what you'll get:

  • You complete the comprehensive ​intake form for The Sleep Nanny® to personally assess.
  • After assessing, ​we will write your bespoke sleep management plan
  • You automatically get a week of email support - That's a daily email exchange 1:1 with The Sleep Nanny®​, to keep you on track.
  • You also gain lifetime access to 24/7 support through our private group online
  • If you desire additional support from The Sleep Nanny®​ you can bolt on calls or emails at your requirement.

All this and your family's sleep back on track for a priceless investment of just £267

You can start RIGHT NOW by clicking the button and completing your form.

We aim to return your bespoke plan to you within 48 hours (weekdays) depending on ​current demand.

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