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Tell us a bit about yourself;

I’m Nicole and I’m based in Manchester. I have a beautiful little girl who has just turned 2.

Why do you want to help sleepless families?

I have experienced first hand what sleep deprivation can do.  I nearly lost my marriage, my health and my sanity by having a baby that didn’t sleep.  I have a passion for making sure that other families don’t go through this, and if they already are in that place, be able to play my part in getting them their life back.

Describe your approach to ‘sleep training’

Its about doing things at the right time and the right pace for both you and your child.  Move too quick or too slow and the results won’t be as effective or as quick. I have found ‘sleep training’ to be harder on the parents than the baby, so I like to be able to hold the parents hand with support throughout the journey to getting better sleep.

Do you have any particular areas of specialism?

I have helped numerous families move from co-sleeping, to having their baby or toddler sleeping happily in their own cot in their own room. This includes babies who have been fed to sleep at every wake up and have been suffering with severe overtiredness.

What are your top 3 sleep tips for parents?

  • Decide on what you are going to do, and stick to it. No bending the rules as it causes confusion for your child.
  • Set up a really solid bedtime routine that anyone can do. The same things you do in the same order every night.
  • Don’t think your baby is ready to drop their nap just because they don’t sleep. The chances are, they just don’t know how to put themselves to sleep and are living in the ‘overtiredness zone’.

In your experience, what are the most common mistakes parents make?

Changing the rules. Too many parents give in when the going gets a bit tough, they say they will do something ‘just this once’, but how is a baby supposed to know it was a one off?  It creates inconsistency when your baby craves the opposite. Cutting naps short in the day or dropping them too early to help them sleep at night. This just masks a much bigger problem as the child is most likely just sleeping through the night through sheer exhaustion.

What would you say to someone who is afraid that nothing can help them in their situation?

Get the help that is available. I was that mum, and I thought that was just how my life was going be. I had tried everything, at least, I thought I had. Don’t suffer, children grow up so fast and you don’t want it to go by in a blur, looking back one day and realising you missed it.

What do you love about your job?

Having the parents tell me how much I have changed their lives. I have saved their marriage, the relationships with their other children and in other cases, their health and life. Seeing how small changes can change someone’s life so quickly is an incredible gift to be able to share.

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