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Hayley Firman

Name: Hayley Firman
Psychology Specialist – The Midlands
Phone: 07512 759083

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Hi, I am Hayley and I am a Certified Sleep Consultant. My work is my passion and with an extensive background in The Psychology of Sleep I am a behaviour expert that understands sleep as a learnt trait – something that together we can teach your Little One, starting today.

I am a dynamic, intuitive and caring professional (as well as a mommy) who can bring my skills and experience to serve you and help make long standing and life changing actions today – what is more I can help you do this FAST.

Before moving into this career, I experienced Sleep Training with my own sleepless child- I know how it feels! The experience we had as a family really was life changing so I am blessed to be able to pay this extremely positive experience forward. My son Milo fought sleep for 12 months but after the process he now sleeps through the night and naps like clockwork in the day. So, believe me- there is hope and making this first step to contact me means that change is just on the horizon for you too. How exciting!

I live in the Midlands but consult for families both nationally and internationally; providing a full 2-week Sleep Transformation package at competitive rates! Within my programme I address all aspects of sleep and build your little one a bespoke sleep plan with ongoing and essential 1:1 parent support. I am a problem solver and some of my best results have been in the following:-

-not sleeping in general
-cat napping
-bed hopping
-transitioning to big bed
-early rising
-travel and time zone transitions
-twins and duplicates
-nap transitions
-ditching the dummy.

I am proud to say I have a 100% success rate in sleep transformations and believe that whatever your little one’s sleep challenges may be, there is a solution. My techniques are gentle and reassuring; using an evidential, non-judgmental, person-centred approach.

Did you know….

We spend around 1/3 of our lives asleep (best to get it right!)
Gifted and highly intelligent children are more likely to experience sleep challenges.

Quality sleep is essential for children to retain memory, grow and maintain strong immunity.

Sleep really is the foundation to a fully functioning, safe and happy life – the key to regaining balance and harmony. So, if you are struggling with your child’s sleep challenges; if bedtime has become chaotic and nap time non- existent, if you have no routine or structure to your day – then pick up the phone for a free, friendly 15 minute chat with me today.

Don’t worry, we’ll have your little one sleeping and happiness will be restored before you know it!

Sleep Nanny x


Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Snooze Package: (Suitable from 0-6 years)

What You’ll Get:

  • Comprehensive initial assessment
  • Face to face online (45 minute) consultation
  • A Sleep Nanny e-Pack (useful reminders/charts/handouts)
  • Add support calls on as required (see terms)
  • £199


    Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

    Slumber Package: (Suitable from 0-6 years)

    What You’ll Get:

  • Comprehensive initial assessment
  • Face to face online consultation to address all contributing factors and devise a tailored sleep plan
  • Two weeks close contact support:(x6 Coaching Calls)
  • Advice on upcoming milestones
  • A Sleep Nanny e-Pack (useful reminders/charts/handouts)
  • A copy of The Sleep Nanny System™ (e-book)
  • 50% discount on a sibling (simultaneous coaching)
  • £325


    Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

    Dream Package: (Suitable from 0-6 years)

    What you get….

  • Detailed assessment
  • Face to face online consultation
  • Consultation recording to keep
  • UNLIMITED support calls/emails for 30 days
  • UNLIMITED 24/7 online support
  • Advice on upcoming milestones
  • Custom Sleep Management Pack
  • The Sleep Nanny System – Ebook
  • 50% discount on second child
  • Sleep Soundly Guarantee (see terms)
  • £575



    What Parents Say

    • Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton
    • Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton
    • Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton
    • Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton
    • Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton
    • Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton
    • Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton
    • Hayley Firman Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton
    • Co-sleeping is now a thing of the past! ??

      Highly recommend Hayley! We had been co-sleeping with our 16 month old since birth, and having difficulty moving her into her cot, and her day naps, resorting to motion sleeping.

      When we started with Hayley we were very sceptical and anxious at first but we saw amazing results within days! Hayley was there for us throughout the two weeks, helping and guiding us for what was best for our daughter. Our daughter is now sleeping happily in her own cot day and night! Very proud parents 😁 Thank you so much Hayley x

    • 8m old – waking every hour through the night now sleeps through!

      I’ll start by saying that our little boy is 8 months old and he used to wake up every hour at night and every time I used to breastfeed, I was so tired all the time and during the day he would only have 30 minutes naps here and there so no chance for me to nap. My husband and I were desperate and we found Hayley, the best thing that ever happened to us, our little boy sleeps all night now and we can actually enjoy our evenings instead of being glued to the screen waiting for our son to wake up. We are in holiday at the minute visiting my parents are we are very proud to show them how are little boy sleeps in the night and that is thanks to Hayley. I would recommend Hayley and advise all the parents out there going trough the same thing to give it a try as they will be surprised.

      Camelia and Sammy

    • Working with Haley from our new home in Paris!

      A dear friend recommended I get in touch with Hayley. I was sceptical to start a training programme as I assumed it would include lots of crying, but I was desperate! My 6 months old boy was co-sleeping, feeding as often as every 45 min through the night and napping sporadically throughout the day…in other words, no time to take care of life outside of baby, let alone have a meal in peace. We had just moved homes to a different country and I was keen to get things settled for the whole family.

      Hayley was really reassuring when I told her about my approach to parenthood and my fear of endless night time crying and distressing my little one.

      We started the journey two weeks ago and our lives have really changed for the better. I can eat my dinner knowing that my baby is fast asleep, he has solid naps in the day and generally is a much happier baby.

      Hayley has been a godsend, I can’t recommend her enough.

      Thanks Hayley x

      Sarah and Adrien

    • Sleeping through- priceless!

      Hayley gave us the guidance and confidence to get our baby out of our bed and in to his cot, increase his naps in the day and get rid of the sleep crutches he had developed that were stopping him going to sleep himself. There were a small number of tears on the first night, but if you stick to what Hayley plans this is really very short lived and so worth it in the end. You’re also constantly with the baby at this point to offer reassurance as needed. The package we had included contact throughout the two weeks which I cannot rate highly enough! Having the what’s app group and a phone call as needed made the process work for us, I personally needed that reassurance when plans changed slightly, so it’s with the money. I would use Hayley again and recommend her to anyone who feels they have tried everything but don’t know where to turn! Thank you for your support, Hayley.

      Drew and Ralphy

    • 5 Stars *****

      Hayley has been a God send in our lives. Her friendly, kind and open personality
      doesn’t only calm my daughter but also calms me as a mother as well! Her support has been
      unwavering in helping us to set a sleep routine for my little one and her methods have
      helped me and my husband gain some control back on our own lives too! We were having a
      hard time trying to figure out why our little one will not sleep. Hayley heard our concerns,
      our routine, diet, e.t.c and gave us her thoughts and immediately set to work on a new
      regime for us!
      She is definitely a fairy godmother in our lives and she is excellent at what she does. I would
      highly recommend her to any family who need someone who is approachable and warm
      with brilliant skills with little ones and their mums! 
      Thank you Hayley!

    • Hollie and Evie

      5 stars ***** Myself James and Evie had the pleasure of working with Hayley for 2 weeks. Hayley
      was brilliant and always there when you needed her. She came up with a 2 week plan for Evie
      and slowly you could see the changes in Evie and her sleep pattern. Evie didn't sleep much in
      the day and woke at night and really struggled to self settle, after following the sleep plan for a
      couple of days Evie slept through which is great and continues to do so..!! I would highly
      recommend Hayley.

    • Bekah & Emily

      5 Stars ***** Hayley has been fab helping with our little girl – we just needed to tweak a few things
      that I was too tired to notice, but we are finally getting full nights of sleep every night!
      Plus…Hayley isn’t worried if you need to have a little rant! Venting support is what every mama

    • Leann and Link

      5 Stars ***** When our 5-month old son, Link, began taking up more room in our bed than we
      did, Leann & I knew we needed to make a change to his routine somehow. I thought this would
      be easier said than done if we'd tried to manage ourselves.
      Hayley was up for a challenge and has been brilliant to work with, her optimism & enthusiasm
      creates a very positive feeling towards undertaking sleep training, and even during the toughest

      nights she's been very supportive towards us as parents, as well as helping us stay on track with
      the daily schedule.
      Hayley has great knowledge & understanding of how Link's days & nights are being influenced
      by what he gets up to, and her ability to know where his routine could benefit from even the
      slightest of changes has been excellent.
      We've currently managed three nights of Link sleeping soundly through the night – in his own cot
      too, and I'm certain that with Hayley's help we'll be getting a whole lot more!
      Thanks for all your hard work,

    • 11 month old co-slept and woke every 2-3 hours!

      We started working with Hayley about 3-4 weeks ago, I was dubious – my 11 month old co-slept, woke every 2-3 hours, bf to sleep at night, woke for 2 hours in the middle of the night almost every night for 4 months and was rocked to sleep for naps or slept on his pram or the car!!!! I was exhausted and went back to work this week! 😴😴😴
      Within days of working with Hayley we noticed a difference and by night 4/5 we weren’t getting the long two hour night wakes, by two weeks he was sleeping in his own cot for 10/11/12 hours a night!! 🥳
      3/4 weeks after we are seeing a massive improvement in his naps times too!! Yes we have the odd night he wakes but can also settle himself back to sleep too 😁 he also now wakes in a happy mood and not waking crying every morning 🥰
      Hayley advises you on the best approach for your little one for your desired goals and you just have to implement the plan and be CONSISTENT! Yes there maybe times when it’s hard work but it works and you have to trust the process!! Now I’m back at work and need to start training myself to stop waking up at 5am 😂😂 just wish we had done it sooner
      Thank you Hayley ☺️