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Jacqueline Kirk

Jacqueline Kirk

Name: Jacqueline Kirk
Birth to six years specialist – North-West / all locations
Phone: 07957 583122

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Hi, I’m Jacqueline Kirk and I am a certified sleep consultant and mother of two.

Having young children should be the happiest time for a family but it is not at all unusual for parents to find it stressful and overwhelming because of tiredness.

I’ve been there…..regularly stuck in one spot in the middle of a room not daring to move in case the creaky floorboards woke up the baby that I’d just lulled back to sleep…. trapped on the cold, dark landing night after night singing songs to a wakeful toddler.

Being up several times a night is incredibly stressful, and in my case, it just gave me time to despair at how little sleep I was actually going to get before the alarm went off and it would be time to get up and try and face the day ahead, whether it was full of work or children.

Hoping that they would ‘grow out of it’ we never managed to resolve our problems in the early years, so we graduated to school nights where my daughter just could not get to sleep for hours after bedtime, even though she was desperately tired. She really just wanted to sleep, instead she got frustrated because she couldn’t.

To try and resolve our challenges I read endless book, blogs and web sites. We tried lots of different approaches and solutions all of which made complete sense on paper, but yet they didn’t seem to work for us. Now I understand that this is because the information was correct, but generic, and was not about my children and their problems.

Having been through this, I know as a sleep consultant how important it is to understand the personalities involved, both child and parent.

Babies and children act the way they do because of their personalities and temperaments.

Parents respond the way they do because of theirs, so we need a different approach for every parent.

Understanding this is critical to making the right plans with parents, plans that they are enthusiastic about and can successfully carry out, knowing that their baby will still have their comfort throughout.

Incredible results can be achieved in a kind, gentle, painless way with the right approach.

We came out the other side and it changed everything once we were all getting good sleep again.

If any of this this feels true for you then please feel rest assured that there is help available. Falling asleep is a skill that we can teach your baby and that will lead to better times for the whole family.

Here are some of the most common problems that we can work together on :-

  • Co-sleeping
  • Night weaning
  • Holding / rocking to sleep
  • Early wakings
  • Disturbed sleep and multiple night wakings
  • Making naps happen
  • Making naps longer
  • Please arrange your free, no obligation, 15 minute call. We can explore your challenges and plan your journey back to a good nights sleep.