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Lauren Peacock

Name: Lauren Peacock
Toddler specialist – Yorkshire
Phone: 07977583728

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There is a reason that sleep-deprivation is used as a means of torture!

As mum to a child who slept poorly and napped atrociously for the first year of his life, I absolutely understand how you are feeling right now. As a gentle parent myself, I also know that contemplating any form of sleep-training can be daunting. The bad news is that if your child isn’t sleeping well, that won’t change until you take action. The good news is that all children can learn to sleep well and teaching them the skills they need doesn’t have to be an ordeal for either you or your child.

Friends, relatives and Google are awash with advice as to what you “should” do to overcome your child’s sleep challenges but different methods work better for some children than others. When you work with me we will establish the plan that is right for your family and that will be the cornerstone of achieving fantastic, lasting results.

If the time has come to move on from co-sleeping, if bedtime and/or naps are a battleground, if you are dealing with multiple night-wakings, early starts to the day or don’t know how to break the habit of feeding or rocking to sleep then book your free introductory call with me today and take the first step towards making your sleep dreams reality.

I work with the parents of babies and children up to the age of six. My practice hours are designed to meet the needs of busy families with daytime, evening and weekend appointments available.


The Premier Package £265

The Premier Package £265

  • Detailed assessment
  • 1hr online consultation
  • x6 Support calls/emails
  • UNLIMITED 24/7 online support
  • Advice on upcoming milestones
  • Custom Sleep Management Pack
  • The Sleep Nanny System™ (book)
  • Consultation recording to keep
  • 50% discount on second child
  • Sleep Soundly Guarantee*
  • *We guarantee you will be happy to proceed with our plan or your money back (see terms)


    Email Only Package £175

    Email Only Package £175

  • Detailed assessment of your child’s sleep challenges
  • Bespoke sleep plan sent to you by email within 48 hours of receiving your completed consultation form
  • Exchange of three support emails to support your implementation of the plan
  • Purchase

    One-Off Appointments & Additional Calls

    One-Off Appointments & Additional Calls

    Choose from:

  • 60 minute online consultation (£165)
  • Single 15 minute support call (£25)
  • Ad-hoc Support 30 minute call (30 minutes @ £45.00)
  • Bundle of additional support (x4 calls) (15 minutes @ £80.00)
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    What Parents Say

    • Vicky (Mum to 15 month old Rose):
    • Laura (Mum to 15 month old Jonah):
    • Vicky (Mum to 15 month old Rose):

      I cannot believe how much the Sleep Nanny has helped us. We have gone from having a toddler that was waking as much as every hour to one that now sleeps from 6.30pm-6am! It has honestly changed our lives. Lauren has been such a great support during the training process. She has given us some great advice and is really easy to chat to.

    • Laura (Mum to 15 month old Jonah):

      Lauren has helped us so much with our 15 month old little boy. We’ve gone from feeding to almost asleep, co-sleeping, night-waking once or twice every night to going to sleep on his own, in his own bed and sleeping through for the best part of 12 hours! We would absolutely recommend Lauren to anyone needing help with their child’s sleep.


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