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Phoebe Strodl

Hi, Im Phoebe.

Before my little girl Amelie, was born i didn’t really have a clue about how important it was for a little one to sleep. After really struggling with sleep deprivation and not knowing how to resolve her sleep issues, I decided to call upon The Sleep Nanny. It’s literally changed our lives and because it helped us so much I decided to train with Lucy so I can help other families too.

Being a mum myself I was very careful choosing a consultant as I wanted to protect our bond. I work with gentle methods that are suitable for your current situation. I’ll listen to your story and develop a plan you and your family feel comfortable with. I’ll then coach you through your plan and support you every step of the way.

It’s very important that my clients feel confident with the plan I develop for them because the more confidently you approach things, the more likely you are to succeed.
These are some of the sleep issues I can help resolve:

• Night wakings
• Early rising
• Nap refusal
• Inability to self-settle
• Nap transitions
• Transition into own room/ big bed
• Sleep crutches (rocking, feeding)
• Bed hoping
• Ditching the dummy
• Co-sleeping

I would love to be the one that helps you and your family get the well deserved sleep you need.