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These are products that I have tried and tested or highly recommend. There are many products on the market that are actually far too stimulating for babies and children to have in their sleep environment such as mobiles, light projectors, baby aquariums and music players. save these for play and activity time, not for sleepy time. The products I list here are all suitable for your child’s sleep environment and will aid your sleep training.

Weary of sleep solutions? Abandoned all hope of there being a solution for you and your child? The Sleep Nanny System will support you in finding an approach you can adapt according to your child and family dynamics. Based on a gentle method, with understanding your child at its core, this knowledge will help you form a Unique Sleep Plan.

I am a huge fan of these day/night clocks and both of my children have one! One of the simplest of it’s kind, it can be understood by the youngest toddlers. This clock tells a young child when it is time to be in bed sleeping and when it is time to wake up. Fantastic too for toddlers in beds who need to know when it is okay to get up.

Recommended Products Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

This innovative concept in children’s bedding actually has been shown to reduce or even prevent some night time disturbances due to lost covers or feeling cold.

White noise is a great sound blocker if you have other children in the home or live on a noisy street. While music can be too stimulating, white noise is comforting and mimics the sounds babies were used to in the womb. As it is a single, continuous sound, it is not a stimulator.

These nap mats are fantastic for toddlers and preschoolers. As much as i strongly advocate napping in the cot or bed, these are great for traveling, a nap at Grandma’s house or even for ‘quiet time’ at home. Also useful for certain alert children who sleep fine in bed at night but struggle to nap there. These mats give them a sense of independence in napping.

Blackout the natural light from your baby’s room to encourage their circadian rhythms to develop nicely. With this suck on blind you can easily take it anywhere you travel. It is also great to use at home if you cannot fit a suitable blind or curtain.

Recommended Products Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

A bedtime companion while encouraging optimal sleeping position for toddlers and beyond.

Recommended Products Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

I highly recommend this product for a number of reasons. Something to suit all ages for keeping warm and cosy, safe sleeping for babies, enabling toddlers to explore but not escape! The list goes on…

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