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Rachel Helyar

Rachel Helyar

Name: Rachel Helyar
Registered Doctor
Location: New Forest, Hampshire
Phone: 07702754011

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I’m Rachel, a mum of 2 girls, and for the past 9 years I have worked as a doctor within the NHS.

Before having kids I wasn’t aware of the torture of sleep deprivation. Our first daughter slept brilliantly, we were lucky! Our second daughter, however, was regularly referred to as ‘the devil’ at night, and she slowly drove the whole family mad. She had CMPA and reflux but even after these were treated she still didn’t sleep!

After trying ‘everything’ and reaching breaking point we hired a sleep consultant who transformed our lives. We finally got sleep again by following a plan consistently, and were much happier as a family.

I wanted other families who were struggling, to see the benefits of having a child that slept so I decided to train and qualify as a child sleep consultant. This now means I can help your family get sleep too, so that you can enjoy your time with your child, rather than just survive it!

Lack of sleep not only effects your child, but also your mental health and sanity. This can lead to stress, irrational anger, relationship problems and feelings of failure.

Does this sound familiar to you? You can, with my help and support, teach your child how to sleep better for the sake of the whole family.

Sleep issues I can help with include:
*bedtime battles
*frequent waking
*early rising (pre 6am)
*nap problems
*unwanted co-sleeping
*ditching the dummy
*transitioning to a ‘big bed’

You may have tried other ‘sleep training’ methods with minimal, or no success. After consultation with you, where we discuss all aspects of sleep, naps, routine and other family members, I will design a personalised, calm and systematic sleep plan for your child. If this is followed consistently and correctly, by the whole family, you will see results in 2-4 weeks.

Arrange your free 15 minute call today to discuss in more details and book a consultation package with me. I look forward to hearing from you!


Rachel Helyar Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Bronze £170

  • Free 15 minute introductory call
  • 45 minute face to face online consultation and planning meeting
  • 1 week email support
  • 20% discount on additional calls
  • Sibling discount
  • £170


    Rachel Helyar Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

    Silver £335

  • 15 minute free introductory call
  • 1 hour face to face online consultation & personalised plan
  • 8 x 15 minute follow up calls within 30 days
  • Sleep nanny eBook
  • Unlimited online support
  • Sleep management pack
  • 50% sibling discount
  • 20% off additional follow up calls
  • £335


    Rachel Helyar Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

    Gold £450

  • 15 minute free introductory call
  • 1 hour face to face online consultation & personalised plan
  • Unlimited support calls for 30 days
  • Sleep nanny eBook
  • Sleep management pack
  • Unlimited online support
  • Sibling discount
  • 50% off additional calls
  • £450



    What Parents Say

    • Rachel Helyar Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton
    • 9 month old with multiple wake ups

      Rachel was absolutely fantastic and really helped me to improve my daughter’s sleep. Olivia is just 9 months old and was still waking through the night, sometimes 3 to 4 times. In just under 2 weeks of working with Rachel this has improved so much and myself and my partner have actually been able to get proper sleep again! Thanks so much Rachel!

      Amy & Olivia

    • Ex-premmie and small baby with multiple wakes, failed self settle and dependent on milk to sleep

      Rachel has been amazing. She has helped us get our 14 month old (ex premmie, small baby) sleeping through the night on 4th night. He has a few wake ups still but she manages to find a reason for them and tweeks what we need to do. After 2 weeks he was mainly sleeping through with adjustments to sleeping/ feeding. Because Rachel is a mum herself she also offers useful tips/ advice on the things that may influence sleep. She has been really helpful for us as we failed to sleep train when we did it ourselves.
      She has been available to answer messages and consults every few days to see how we were getting on. We used Rachel even though we are in Perth Australia, and it was great for answering my questions at the time in the middle of the night when it was still evening time in the UK. so I would highly recommend her to others outside of the UK too.

      Asheila and Luca

    • 7 month old with napping issues

      I have found Rachel’s sleep tips helpful when trying to improve daytime napping for my seven month old. It is great to know that she is only a phone call away. Rachel is approachable and highly professional but also very realistic as is a mum herself. Her firsthand experience of sleep training as a mum combined with her excellent communication skills as a doctor make her the first sleep consultant I would call to help me with my sleep deprivation.

      Sam and Zoe

    • Struggling with self settles and cutting down feeds

      Rachel was such a help! Her advice was really personalised and she explained reasons behind it all. I felt even more reassured by the fact she has a medical background! Far, far better than reading books as it was tailored to our baby’s needs.

      Kerry and Teddy

    • 7 month old being rocked to sleep with up to hourly wake ups

      Rachel was excellent from day 1. She really took the time to understand what Willows issues were and the correct route to remedy them. I had done lots of reading myself but nothing online really takes in to account the individuals problems.

      Rachel made it very easy to handle the massive challenge of teaching my baby to self sooth and sleep through the night aswell as deal with an added issue of lack of nap time. Very impressed with the result. My baby now sleeps through the night for 11 hours!

      Louise & Willow

    • 7 month old with 5 night wakes & rocked to sleep

      Neither of my babies were good sleepers.. I wish I could have done this with Harry!

      Ivy has gone from 4-5 night wakings and needing to be rocked or fed to sleep to sleeping through the night bar 1 feed and she self settles with no dummy!

      You can only appreciate the difference that makes to your life if you have a baby that doesn’t sleep.. but Rachel gave me the confidence to follow the plan through, and made it all make sense! Thank you!

      Karen and Ivy

    • 7 month old dependent on dummy and cuddles to sleep

      The sleep package was just what I needed and gave me the confidence to follow through. It was easy to trust and listen to Rachel.

      Karen (and Ivy 7 months)

    • 18 month old twins with 4.30am wake ups and chronic over-tiredness

      Knowledge is power. Before enlisting the help of Sleep Nanny, I had no knowledge and I had no power to facilitate my twins getting the sleep that they need. After long months of sleep deprivation and trying to juggle mum life and a profession, I had to do something to improve the situation we faced. The challenge of getting 2 babies the same age well slept seemed impossible.

      However, with straightforward advice, ongoing and reliable support, Rachel has helped to improve my boys’ routine in a matter of weeks. As my boys approach their 2nd birthday, for the first time I feel as though I know how to respond to each situation as it arises. Bed battles. Night wakes. Early wakes. Waking each other.

      Rachel has been kind and empathetic and realistic about finding ways to get things to work for my boys. Very grateful to have had access to such a fantastic service and such a lovely person to get us through! Thanks Rachel!

      Eileen (and Finn & Scott)