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No need to cry it out or suffer it out.

Lucy’s lovingly responsive approach to sleep training clears away the confusion and brings you the confidence to set your little one up for life!

A system that is simple to follow yet cleverly determines the most effective steps for each unique baby or child, Lucy emparts her wisdom to empower you, the parent so that you feel like you are in the driving seat and know how to keep your little one sleeping well long-term.

Dream Maker Baby Sleep Solution

Dream Maker Baby Sleep Solution

Online Program with group Coaching

It’s time your little one was sleeping through the night so that you can too!

You know how important sleep is for your family and now you’ve found the solution that will make your dreams of a great night’s sleep come true!

Suitable from 4 months to 24 months

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  • Jo Broad with Baby Lucie
  • Jo Broad with Baby Lucie

    “NO MORE BOTTLES in the night. She goes to bed with no fuss and can settle herself to sleep.
    I cant believe how “easy” that was to make such a big change. So thank you so much.”

Dream Maker with Lucy Shrimpton

Dream Maker with Lucy Shrimpton

‘Done With You’ 1:1 Program

For the VIP experience, work with Lucy one-on-one to resolve your little one’s sleep challenges.

Suitable from birth to 7 years, this program guarantees you reach your goal with unlimited 1:1 support!

This is not an insignificant investment and is available on an application-only basis.

For those who would rather fly than walk.

You recognise the value of establishing long-term healthy sleep habits and you’re ready to commit to the most important thing for your family!

To find out if you are a good fit for this program, schedule a Strategy Call

  • Lisa Nicholson with Baby Jake
  • Lisa Nicholson with Baby Jake

    “My little monkey went from waking every hour or 2 and still wanting feeding throughout the night….to a fully fledged seven til seven sleeper!!!! I can honestly say your help changed our daily lives!”

The Sleep Nanny System

The Sleep Nanny System

Your best resource on baby sleep to educate yourself before your baby arrives, navigate sleep as s/he grows and troubleshoot the tricky bits along the way!

Delivered in a manageable and jargon free book that won’t overwhelm you when you’re already exhausted. This is your first and an essential step to understanding how your baby’s sleep works.

“I have found this book incredible! My 7 and 1/2 month old woke every two hours and needed feeding. After using the principles of this book, she wakes up roughly once or twice a night. If you are at the end of your tether and are willing to change, try this book. The advice is solid and sensible”. – Kayleigh Rayner

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