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Your business, your passion, your family...


Do you want to work from home to be with your children? Or have the freedom to be there for the school run while still having a career and that sense of achievement that's yours? The Sleep Nanny® was built by a mum who understands this only too well. This is YOUR opportunity to do something special for yourself and your family.


As a Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant, you can provide a service that compensates you well for your time and there are no limits! If you just want to help one or two families each week, that's fab. If you want to help more, you'll earn more - simple! No-one sets your salary or places a cap on your income. It's in your hands.


We truly believe this is, hands down, the single most rewarding job in the world! If you have been through the trials of parental sleep deprivation, you'll know how grateful you'd be to have someone support you and make it all better. When you give a family back their sleep, you save marriages, avert accidents, relieve depression, help little ones thrive and revive happiness - FACT.


We are confident you'll find The Sleep Nanny Certification training programme to be second to none with the most comprehensive syllabus on the planet. You'll feel fully informed, equipped and empowered to go out and make your difference. What's more, no other certification programme offers the high level business training and coaching that we provide. This is not just at the start but continued training every month as your business progresses.

The Demand - Why We Need You

  • Child sleep disorders cost the UK alone £40bn per year!
  • 92% of these cases are behavioural (not medical) and can be solved by trained sleep consultants.
  • 1 in 4 children will have a significant challenge​ with sleep and not be sleeping as soundly as they could be
  • One sleep charity in the north of England claims to receive over 200 emails per day form families begging for help!
About the Founder

The Sleep Nanny® Lucy Shrimpton. As your trainer and mentor, Lucy shares with you EVERYTHING you need to know to be able to confidently do what she does - Help sleep deprived families get their lives back! Lucy's has completed RCN endorsed and RCPCH accredited training as a sleep practitioner in the UK as well as two additional training programmes in the US. She is also best selling author of The Sleep Nanny System. A sought after keynote speaker, regularly featured in national press and interviewed for TV and radio, she has rapidly become the UK's 'go-to expert' on infant sleep. A mother of two who has lived and breathed intense parental sleep deprivation herself, she empathises with the families she serves. Lucy has an unstoppable passion to make a difference.

“The Sleep Nanny® Mission is to revolutionise family happiness by beating parental sleep deprivation. I cannot do this alone, so join me on this mission and help change the world, one happy family at a time

We have you covered...

  • You will benefit from Lucy's extensive knowledge on infant sleep
  • We will teach you our proven marketing and business systems
  • A successful business requires mentorship - we've learned the best so we can provide the best to you.

"Tens of thousands of pounds/dollars have enabled me to bring this all together for YOU. An accumulation of what I have acquired, now broken down into an accessible training programme that spring boards you straight into a fully operational business as a sleep consultant, at a much lower investment to you.

I've done it, now I'll teach you how to replicate it for yourself"

Your Investment

What You Get:

Initial Training

Full Training Course Delivered Weekly : 8 weeks of content and live class sessions

Training Event : 2 Days in Hampshire, UK

Course manual and materials provided

Module Tests and Final Exam

'Business in a Box' - Email, appointment booking and client management systems all set up with you

Certificate of completion and CPD certificate


License to practice as a Certified Sleep Nanny with use of our trade marks

Weekly supervision and training sessions

Monthly business coaching

Monthly mastermind sessions

Dedicated Consultant Support Group

Branded promotional materials for you to use

Your own profile/booking page on our website

Your own @sleepnanny email address

Client booking system provided

£3997 or 3x £1340

Upon initial training completion:

£247 / month

Limited Offer: There are limited places open on each course.

The Training Programme: How it Works...

Course content is provided each week via video training and a live class with your trainer. You will also receive a comprehensive manual to assist your learning.  A weekly quiz will monitor your progress.

You will complete pro-bono cases prior to your final exam in order to gain your certification

Attend a 2-day training in person with The Sleep Nanny® & other trainers. We integrate everything you have learned and train you on the business systems and processes so you are ready to launch.

Be in the next class!

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Sleep Nanny Academy is opening its doors for the Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant training programme

We will be accepting just a small number of applicants who will undergo the world's most comprehensive training and certification in operating a business as an infant sleep consultant.  So you can launch your business with a flying start

You will not find any programme like this! Even a course in just the sleep expertise alone will cost you more than this complete investment. Then you'll need to build a business from scratch which will require a far larger investment on top! Save yourself the funds, the stress and the risk - It's all done for you and it's ready and waiting for you!

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Everything is included. We have you covered.

This amazing opportunity gives you a business in a box. Everything has been tried and tested so you get the most effective systems and processes to run a successful practice from day one.

Everything from your marketing, your services page where people can book in with you, your client management setup, your terms of engagement with clients, even email templates - all ready to transplant into your business! All you have to do is apply the knowledge you gain to serve the families who need you.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Be your own boss but never get lonely with our team on hand.

With ongoing support and training, you are never alone. You own your own business but you have continued mentorship and a team around you to ensure you never get stuck and you enjoy the team spirit of the Sleep Nanny community.

Is this Course Right for You?

Not everybody is right for this career path and being a Sleep Nanny Consultant may not be for you...


  • Someone who wants to learn, become more confident and unleash their full potential
  • Those who desire a flexible career with high income potential
  • Has an interest, passion or experience in helping families or children
  • Wants to change lives for the better and make a difference
  • Has the ability to be empathetic and warm                   
  • Is ready to invest in building their own business with our training and support


  • Someone who thinks it will be 'easy'
  • Someone looking for easy income or 'get rich quick'
  • Someone who isn't fully committed
  • Someone who is not one to take action
  • Someone who is uncomfortable talking with people they don't know
  • Someone who is looking for a Job (employment)
  • An introverted, shy or not personable character
Become A Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant and launch your new business with confidence

*If you are not fully satisfied with the training programme within the first three classes, we will allow you to exit the programme before week four and fully refund you, no questions asked.  *See full Terms & Conditions for details.

It doesn't stop there, we've more for you!

As if the hugely comprehensive training on topic and in business weren't enough - Here's what we're going to give you afterwards...

The Sleep Nanny® Team

Certified Sleep Nanny Consultants will be welcomed into a private support community. Tap into the extended expertise of the whole team.

When a client chooses to work with you, they have the added value of the community you belong to.


Ongoing Training

Every week we have a supervision call to coach you on your current cases. We all receive a curve ball once in a while but you're never alone. Just hop on the call and we can get our heads together. We also share additional ad-hoc trainings with you on current topics and keep your knowledge up to date.


Monthly Business Coaching

You can have extensive knowledge and understanding about infant sleep and be fully equipped to serve families BUT without a business strategy, marketing systems and a 'road map', your expertise will go nowhere!

We recognise how vital this is to having a successful business so we teamed up with the worlds' no1 business coaching firm to bring you the best mentorship package and help you to have a wildly successful business.

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