Sleep Success! Ready to have your family sleeping soundly?

(For little ones ages 18 weeks to 6 years)

This workshop gives you all the gentle tools you need to make that happen and you can get started right now!

The workshop and workbook enable you to create a tailored approach to suit your child's individual personality and your unique family dynamic because no two situations are the same. Get the answers that are right for YOU and get RESULTS.

"No more trawling the net for confusing and conflicting advice. The answers you need in your own step by step guide are here for you now"

This is for you if...

You have a baby or young child aged between 18 weeks and 6 years who does not sleep as well as you would like.

  • You don't like the idea of leaving your little one to cry and want a gentle alternative to helping him learn how to sleep well
  • You feel you 'should' be able to figure this out on your own and don't want to ask for help even though you would love some useful answers 
  • You are suffering from the lack of sleep making you feel tired, depressed, short tempered, unable to concentrate, unable to enjoy parenting, unable to enjoy your relationship
  • You have read everything you can find online, spoken to health visitors, GPs and read every book but still cannot find the answers for your little one.

What is included in The Sleep Success Workshop?


You will receive your very own workbook as soon as you register.


You'll receive general education about sleep, the science and the behavioural 'must know'.​​

Unlock your answers

You'll discover the secret to sleep training success!


You'll discover possible pitfalls that you might encounter and how to successfully deal with them.

Solutions Night and Day

You'll learn about common sleep problems and how to fix them, both for nights and naps.

USP - Unique Sleep Plan

You'll create your own sleep plan for your child.

Get instant access to the Sleep Success Workshop now!

Don't suffer on any longer as it will only get harder. Get the answers you need and feel refreshed and ready to enjoy family life to the full. Is your family's health, happiness and well being of primary importance to you?

Why Now?

Challenges with little ones’ sleep rarely go away on their own and tend to get worse over time because habits become more ingrained and the child often becomes confused if you keep trying different approaches to help him sleep. The longer you wait, the bigger the challenge you are likely to face.

Are you experiencing any of these as a result of sleep deprivation?

  • Arguing with your partner
  • Lack of patience with your child
  • Feeling tearful, overwhelmed and down
  • Poor health or run-down
  • Inability to concentrate or forgetfulness
  • Not enjoying parenthood to the full
  • Grumpy or discontent child

If you can answer yes to even one of these, it is likely that others will soon follow if you don’t take action to get things back on track now.

If you are experiencing three or more of the challenges listed above, you must not delay and start resolving this now for the health, happiness and well-being of your family.

Don’t wait until your marriage is on the edge or you almost crash your car with your children in it. Take action now to ensure nothing like that happens.

The Sleep Success Workshop is the only workshop of its kind available to you from the comfort of your own home. With just a couple of clicks, you will be in a virtual classroom with The Sleep Nanny® and with your workbook materials in front of you ready to create your very own sleep plan that is most suitable for YOUR child.

Sleeping 16 month old:

“We felt like we had tried everything with our 16 month old who was still not sleeping through the night and waking very early in the morning. The thing that is so good about The Sleep Nanny System™ is that it is designed specifically for your baby's needs so it is so much more helpful and easier to follow than reading a book.”

Claire W. Hampshire UK.

Night waking and poor napping - solved.

“My 10 month old baby was waking every two hours through the night & had hardly taken any naps in her cot ever. She is now sleeping through the night and taking two naps each day in her cot. My baby is so much happier & so are Mummy & Daddy!!!   I finally feel in control and I have so much confidence now that me & my daughter have the tools we need for a peaceful night’s sleep.”

Rachel D - Cheshire UK


If you find this workshop to not be in any way helpful, just let us know and we will refund you.

Key Benefits For YOUR Family

The Sleep Success Workshop is as valuable as your family’s well-being but will cost you less than an evening out to dinner with someone special!

If you are ready to:

  • Start sleeping soundly all night long
  • Start seeing your little one flourish
  • Start waking up feeling refreshed and energised
  • Start enjoying your family to the full

Simply click the link to get instant access now!

Twins who wouldn't stay in bed!

“My two and a half year old twins would not stay in bed at bedtime and would get up frequently in the night ending up in our bed. By understanding what they needed and how to teach them, we now say goodnight and they go to sleep and we don’t hear a peep until morning…bliss. I am still amazed”

Laura C - Hertforshire UK


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does sleep training mean lots of tears?

I've already tried everything. How can this work for me?

Why is 'Sleep' such a challenge for us parents?

Why do some little ones struggle with sleep more than others?

Still not convinced that this workshop could change your life?

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Get instant access to our Sleep Success Workshop now!

Don't just continue to 'get through' these tender years. Enjoy parenthood to the max and give your little one the gift of good sleep.  Ready to wake up refreshed EVERY morning?