Six Steps To Stress Free Travel

Your Essential Guide To Travelling With Little Ones

In this Audio Guide:

  • We have you covered from journey to destination to keep your little one content and well rested.
  • It's your one of a kind solution to managing infant travel and sleep
  • Six modules to leave you feeling totally confident about your travel plans.

What's the worst that could happen?...

So you are planning to fly and you are not sure how you will keep your child entertained for the duration of the flight. What if she doesn't sleep? What if she won't sit still? The confined space can be stressful and you don't want to be the parent of that child that has a meltdown.

​Your child is used to sleeping in his own room but will have to share with you on your travels. You are sure he will be far too interested in the company to sleep. What can you do?

There will be a time difference so the body clock will be affected, routine will be out of whack and we could face an overtired grump.​

“Super alert little ones are often tricky sleepers at the best of times and don't always adapt to change with ease. Simple steps to prepare you in advance will make for a much smoother transition ”

ENJOY your family travels:

  • ​You'll feel relaxed knowing you have what you need to hand when you need it - You'll pull it out of the bag!
  • You'll enjoy your time together as a family with confidence about how the day will work for your little one
  • Bedtimes will be calm so you can enjoy your evenings
  • You will return home from your trip feeling refreshed and like you've had the break you deserve​

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Six Steps To Stress Free Travel consists of the following modules:

Module 1


This module covers advice for flying for 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years and 2+ years.

Module 2

Change in Sleep Location

How to accommodate your little one's sleep in a new environment

Module 3

Car Journeys

A long drive or commute can be smooth if you are prepared

Module 4

Time Zones

How to handle large and small time differences both outbound and on your return.

Module 5

Packing List

You might need to pack some obscure things when travelling with little ones

Module 6

Change In Routine

How to be flexible and enjoy your break whilst accommodating your little one's needs too

"Being prepared made all the difference..."

"Knowing what to take, how to prepare for certain situations and getting these useful ideas to enable flexibility, meant we could relax and enjoy ourselves while our baby and toddler had fun, kept rested and coped just fine. Such a worthwhile little investment that made me feel confident travelling ."

- Fielding Family (London UK)

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