What Our Clients Say

Clients Sharing Their Sleep Nanny Experience

  • First Time Mum

    Rebecca & Zachary, 16 weeks

  • Always been cuddled and rocked to sleep

    Kayleigh, with Ava

  • There is light at the end of the tunnel!

    Leona Smart with Lola

  • Transforming boy’s sleeping habits means a better night’s sleep for the whole family

    Kate Kiss with Ben, aged 17 months

  • Slow and steady wins the race with 2 year old!

    Nigel and Fran Fraser with Amiah, aged 2 years

  • Sleeping through the night within 10 days!

    Liya Jacob with Jonah

  • From waking every hour to only once in the night at 6 months old

    Elizabeth Mayes with George, aged 20 weeks

  • Awake for most of the night leads co-sleeping parents to seek help.

    James Dale with Ralph, aged 7 months

  • The Sleep Nanny helps family get their life back after a year of disturbed nights!

    Karen Wells with Lula, 2 years 4 months

  • Gentle sleep solution gives 15 month old quality sleep and her older sister quality time with Mum

    Alexandra Rowne with Maisie aged 15 months

  • No stress techniques turn sleep fighter around within a week!

    Honey Dorey with Zico aged 20 months

  • Skeptical Parents’ Lives Are Changed

    Kathy Seastron with Elliott at 21 Months