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Vicki Bramall

Vicki Bramall

Name: Vicki Bramall
Children from 6 months to 6 years – All Locations
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My name is Vicki Bramall, I’m a 42 year old mum to three – Ruby (15) Poppy (14) and Max (11). I’m also an early years teacher. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge of children’s development and well-being.

I’ve had my own journey with sleep deprivation, when Ruby was 3 she was diagnosed with leukaemia, which meant for a total of 3 years she was on a cocktail of drugs including steroids which meant she struggled to sleep. Along with this Poppy had enlarged tonsils which meant she struggled to breathe while she was sleeping, this continued until she had her tonsils removed.

So I feel what you’re going through, this along with seeing how sleep deprivation hinders children’s development in school is my inspiration to become a sleep consultant.