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Success Stories: Parents Who Have Reclaimed Their Sleep With the Help of The Sleep Nanny

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I am lost for words! I just want to thank you SO much. After feeling like I had totally lost control and there was no light at the end of a very long dark tunnel, my 8 month old daughter has just slept through for a straight 11 hours only on night 2 of the “fade out” approach. I am one very happy mummy this morning. Thank you so much for your words and advice.
Leona Smart with Lola

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Constant night wakings vanished in just 10 days!

Amazing results my 19 month was waking 4-5 times a night, only after a week and a half with Lucy’s help he sleeps through the night, thank you so much.
Robyn Dunlop with Rudi, aged 20 months
Constant night wakings

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Restful nights for exhausted family in just 1 week

It works! We have, at last, had a whole week of my 2 year old son sleeping from 6:30pm to 7am! We felt that from the moment that we started with Lucy that she treated our situation as a completely individual case and therefore never jumped to conclusions or made assumptions about our situation. We followed Lucy’s advice to the letter and as she predicted, the results came! If you are have a child who is an earlier waker, or wakes up in the middle of night on a regular basis, then I would highly recommend speaking with Lucy. At the end of the day, a good nights sleep is priceless!

Michelle Peel, with Fergus aged 2
Night waker and early riser

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Serial cat napper learns how to self-settle, ditches his dummy and naps like a pro!

We started working with Lucy when Louis was 5 and a half months, he wasn’t a bad sleeper but I wasn’t where I wanted to be! The list I’ve covered with Lucy is pretty extensive and within a fairly short period of time I had a truly skilled little sleeper – we ditched the dummy, got him self-settling for naps in cot, extended naps (he was a serial cat napper) and set up a good nap schedule, night weaned and got him sleeping through and tackled a very stubborn early rising issue. We still get little bumps on the way but I now know how to tackle these with unerring consistency and along with Louis’s skill we soon get past them. 

Lucy was a real find. She really got to know me and Louis so we found the perfect method and approach for us. She is supportive never judgemental or patronising and extremely friendly and easy to talk to, she was the first person I told when Louis slept through even before my other half. I can’t recommend her enough and know she’ll be an ongoing support for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to say pick up the phone to Lucy you won’t regret it –  sleep training is tough but worth every second, Lucy makes it feel so much easier and it’s never as bad as you think – the other side is very sunny.

Niamh & Justin Collings with Louis, aged 5.5 months
Catnapper who couldn’t self settle and woke up very early

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Skeptical Parents' Lives Are Changed

I spent ages deliberating whether to have a sleep consultant – I was pretty cynical about whether anything would solve our early waking issues – but it was absolutely money well spent and something I wish I had done much earlier!

I have two boys, Alfie, 7, and Elliott, nearly 2, and both have been fab sleepers except for the mornings starting as early as 4am, with a good morning being 5.30am. I could never really work out why because I’ve always been super consistent and had a really solid, good bedtime routine from very early on.

Elliott was 21 months old when I contacted Lucy. She was lovely to deal with – very sympathetic and never patronising. After our initial Skype call I was still fairly skeptical and it was a tough month trying to put things into place when he really didn’t like the idea of changing. Now we are nearly 2 months in and Elliott regularly sleeps 6.45pm-6am and we’ve even had some mornings nearer 7am! Life seems so much better when you’re sleeping properly, and I’m so glad I made the move to get help.
Kathy Seastron with Elliott at 21 Months
Early rising 4.30 daily and overtired

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Constant early mornings take their toll on family. Toddler is sleeping in within days!!

Just wanted to give some feedback on Lucy the Sleep Nanny. Our 21 month old Skye has generally been a good sleeper since she was little but recently we had a problem with early waking: she would go to sleep between 7:15-7:30pm at night, sometimes later and would consistently awake for the day at 5:00-5:30am, sometimes even earlier. You can imagine that these consistent early starts were starting to wear thin on us all since both myself and my husband go to work every day. Plus a tired household is not a happy one!  

Having fully considered our case and listened to our concerns Lucy immediately identified an issue with overtiredness. Her advice was very clear and my husband and I really appreciated her warm yet direct approach. We were quick to adopt the few simple tweaks she advised us to improve the problem and were amazed to notice a difference in just a matter of days. It is now just over two weeks since we had our first consultation with Lucy and Skye not only sleeps 11 hours plus every night but is also happily waking up after 6:00am on a daily basis. We couldn’t be happier and are so grateful to Lucy for all her advice and continue support. Xx 

Kukua Darko-Samaroo with Skye, aged 21 months
Early riser

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

No stress techniques turn sleep fighter around within a week!

As you know, our son had been waking in the night for 6 months!! It just goes to show that with the right technique to suit the individual child, they can learn to sleep well within a week or two and with a gentle technique that doesn’t require stressing the child or parents out!

He is also napping better in the day as a result.

Honey Dorey with Zico aged 20 months
Constant night waking for over 6 months

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Gentle sleep solution gives 15 month old quality sleep and her older sister quality time with Mum

After 15 months of broken sleep and daytime naps taken in the car or in the baby carrier I decided that things had to change. I found Lucy online and after reading the various feedback as well as how Lucy works I contacted her…. 

Immediately I felt comfortable chatting to her about the position we’d got in to… Lucy didn’t judge me, in fact she empathised and took time to understand how and why which made me relax and I was very keen and excited to get started!  

I had got into a habit with my youngest daughter for ‘ease’ of her napping in the carrier so I could be on hand for my oldest daughter however at 15 months old this wasn’t working anymore!  She wasn’t getting the quality of sleep and my oldest wasn’t getting quality time with mummy… I was feeling very guilty all of the time!  

At night my youngest was still feeding to sleep and waking up numerous times to feed back to sleep so more often than not would end up in bed with me! My husband and I didn’t have any time together either – cue more guilt!!!!  

I wanted a gentle solution with as little crying (from me and baby) as possible and I was also keen to continue feeding.  Lucy took all this on board and made a plan of action that suited our circumstances.  The first night was tough and had I not had Lucy to speak to the following morning I may have given in but I didn’t and for the first time my daughter slept for 6 hours straight!!!! Amazing!! I couldn’t believe it – we were delighted! 

Within a couple of days she was settling herself to sleep without much fuss and sleeping from 7 until 4am without a problem….  

She’s still not totally sleeping through yet and we’ve had the odd hiccup but Lucy has given me the skills and the confidence to know what to do and how to manage this!  Our daytime naps are also much better too, she’s in her cot and no longer reliant on feeding, the car or the carrier to sleep!  This now free’s my time up to play properly with my older daughter which has made us both so happy.  Lucy is still on hand once the initial support is complete and I’m really enjoying being part of her members sleep club….  

I would 100% recommend Lucy – she really knows her stuff and has totally helped our household.  

A big thank you from us X 

Alexandra Rowne with Maisie aged 15 months
Napping issues and overtired child

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

The Sleep Nanny helps family get their life back after a year of disturbed nights!

Finding Lucy was an absolute god send! Our 2 year old daughter would not sleep in her own bed for nearly a year and would wake throughout the night constantly. We basically had no sleep of any quality or length for such a long period of time. However, doing Lucy’s programme of suggestions tailor made for our family really helped. It became much easier than I ever thought possible to get our little one back to sleeping in her bed without fuss and for the last 2 nights, our daughter has slept all the way through from 7:00pm until 6:30am. I wished that we had found Lucy a long time ago, but so happy now things are sorted, I feel we can get our life back and have evenings as well as good quality sleep through the night that is no longer disturbed. Our daughter is happier, more rested and life is good! Thank you Lucy so very much, we will recommend you to everyone!
Karen Wells with Lula, 2 years 4 months
Co-sleeping and constant night wakings

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Toddlers “crutch” of feeding to sleep leads exhausted Mum to seek help

We contacted Lucy after she was recommended by a friend. We were struggling to night wean our 21 month old son. I breastfed him to sleep and was the only one who was able to settle him at night. He used to wake every 2-3 hours for a feed / to be resettled. Since working with Lucy Mylo goes to sleep without being fed, will now fall asleep with my husband and sleeps from 7:00pm until 6:00am. We literally could it be more pleased with the way things have gone. Lucy made sure we were comfortable with each stage and helped us break stages down further so we could go at our own pace and so it was right for our family. We are so grateful for the help and advice she has given us. Would highly recommend Lucy to anyone who wants to get a better nights’ sleep. Thanks again Lucy.

Cheryl Rossiter with Mylo aged 21 months
Breastfed to sleep and would not settle with anyone else

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Awake for most of the night leads co-sleeping parents to seek help.

We contacted Lucy after a month of difficult, sleepless nights with our 7 month old son, Ralph. He would wake several times a night, often for several hours, and he would always end up in bed with us. We knew we had fallen into bad habits but couldn’t make sense of all the different advice in the baby books and online.

The Sleep Nanny, Lucy, removed all doubt, creating a tailor made sleeping plan to suit us all and offering tips and advice on the best way to implement the plan. Lucy then supported us through her group calls, listening to the issues we were having and where necessary, tweaking our plan to overcome these difficulties.

Within 10 days Ralph’s sleeping was so much better. He now goes down at 7:00pm soothing himself to sleep and sleeping through until 6:00am. We feel confident that we now have the necessary skills to ensure he continues to sleep well and we know what to do if he had a bad night.

We would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is struggling with their little ones sleep to contact The Sleep Nanny.

James Dale with Ralph, aged 7 months
Co-sleeping after being awake most of the night

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

From waking every hour to only once in the night at 6 months old

From the moment I got in contact with Lucy I knew our lives (in particular our nights!) were about to get so much better! After speaking face to face through Skype I felt full of confidence to put a new sleep plan into action and began that very night! With Lucy to hold our hand and guide us through any hiccups little George (6 months) now completely self-settles to sleep and from waking every hour now only wakes once!! Lucy is amazing – she made me feel like our sleepless nights could be conquered and she was there every step of the way! I cannot thank her enough! If you’re reading this and contemplating getting in touch – don’t hesitate any longer! Lucy has changed our lives.

Elizabeth Mayes with George, aged 20 weeks
Waking regularly through the night and not settling well

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Sleeping through the night within 10 days!

I was at a real low with poor sleep for 2 months. I was so tired I couldn’t think how to fix it. Lucy understood the problem straight away with the initial one hour session. She made sure all the interventions we made were manageable for me and my husband. Jonah was sleeping through the night within 10 days, and not disturbing me until the sun came up after about 4 days! He is bright eyed and flourishing. And I feel so much more confident going on holiday knowing I have someone to call if it all goes wrong on my return!

Liya Jacob with Jonah

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Slow and steady wins the race with 2 year old!

We contacted Lucy in desperation to help us with our 2 year old Amiah, who was having real problems with her sleep. Amiah was really struggling to settle to sleep at night and waking frequently throughout the night. We were spending every night with her repeatedly refusing to stay in bed despite trying both bribery and discipline. Getting her to sleep was taking until beyond midnight some nights and frequently ending in her having tantrums and stress for everyone.

We were persuaded to give Lucy a try by the many positive reports we had read and also we liked her softly softly type of approach rather than the tough love option. Lucy suggested a one to one plan which we agreed to and began about a week later. After our initial conversation we agreed a planed way forward to tackle the problem and Lucy laid out the steps in a very straight forward way, explaining the reasoning behind each one.

It was a little slow to begin with but after a few weeks of sticking with the process and support from Lucy along the way, we began to see significant improvements in getting Amiah to sleep. There were times when we felt like it was never going to work but working together we stuck with it and now we can put her to bed, read her a story and walk away pretty confident that she will stay in bed and settle herself. She never wakes in the night and now comes to us like clockwork at 6am once her Sleep Bunny clock lights up!

We are really pleased with the results and would definitely encourage anyone with similar problems to get in touch with Lucy to help get a decent nights sleep again. Thanks for your help Lucy!

Nigel and Fran Fraser with Amiah, aged 2 years

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Transforming boy’s sleeping habits means a better night’s sleep for the whole family

I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone. Lucy has been amazing and so helpful. The advice that she has given us has transformed our 17 month old son’s sleeping habits and we are all now getting a good night sleep. Thank you again Lucy!!!
Kate Kiss with Ben, aged 17 months
Would not nap during days and increased night wakings

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

From co-sleeping with parents to sharing a room with his sister in just 2 weeks

Cannot recommend Lucy enough! Her advice and guidance was amazing and my little monkey went from waking every hour or 2 and still wanting feeding throughout the night….to a fully fledged seven til seven sleeper!!!! It was a pleasure to work with you and I can honestly say your help changed our daily lives! Our little man was nearly 6 months old and it was the perfect time to teach routine. Just wish I’d done it earlier with my older child!! Thanks so much again!! Happy customer!!
Lisa Nicholson with Jake aged 6 months
Waking constantly through the night

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Always been cuddled and rocked to sleep

I can’t recommend Heidi enough!! She has been such a support for myself and my husband over the last few weeks.

Our daughter Ava is 1 and has always been cuddled and rocked to sleep. Which was fine as a baby but it had progressed into a problem where she refused to go in her cot at all so we had to wait until she was deeply asleep. This meant nighttime wake ups could last two or three hours!

Heidi was so amazing right from the start and immediately made me feel like I could talk to her and had a friend rather than someone I had just contacted for help!

She put a great plan into place for Ava and was there through the tears of frustration and the joy of finally making progress! Any time I needed a boost or some words to keep me going she was there.

She made the whole process of the two week plan so much better.

Ava now sleeps in her own cot and we can put her down as soon as bedtime routine is over. We still have a little way to go to get her to settle herself entirely but this is purely due to circumstance and Heidi is still there for me whenever I need….

Honestly one of the nicest people and supportive sleep nanny I have ever spoken to!!!!

Kayleigh, with Ava

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

First Time Mum

Heidi is fantastic. I first contacted Heidi as I was worried about making first time mum parenting mistakes (something I think every first time mum worries about). Zachary was only 16 weeks old but we had started introducing a routine and putting him to bed at 7pm but my husband and I were up and down about 10 times before 10pm and he was waking multiple times over night, and understandably it was causing tension in our relationship. Heidi was fantastic she guided us through every step to help him start to self settle, she made me feel human and actually really capable as a mum which is an amazing thing to be able to do. She helped us with overnight settling and gave me advice on feeding and day time naps. Within a couple of days we were having dinner together downstairs and Zachary was sleeping through from 7 until we gave him a dream feed about 10pm. Heidi also went above and beyond and helped me when we ended up at the doctors as Zachary wasn’t very well. She gave me advice on what to say and kept me calm. To say working with Heidi has changed my journey as a mum is an understatement she has given me a confidence that I am good mum and given me the skills to give Zachary the best start in life. She is thoughtful and knowledgeable and I firmly believe can help anyone who is willing to listen and follow the plan, as hard as it is at times. Zachary now goes to bed at 7, we are still dream feeding him at 11 but he only wakes up once from that time until between 6-7am but he’s only 18 weeks old. I feel confident that if I remain consistent he will very soon get results and I can’t wait until I can tell Heidi this news. Thank you for everything you are amazing and have helped Zachary and my husband and I more than you can imagine. 😊😊😊

Rebecca & Zachary, 16 weeks

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

A good nights sleep is priceless!

When Archie was 9 months old, we moved him into his own bedroom and disturbed what had previously been a good period of sleep. He started to really fight bedtimes and would only go to sleep being patted, shushed and rocked – this could take a long time and he could be awake again within 30 minutes.

For the next few months we were traipsing backward and forward throughout the night until inevitably he would end up in our bed. We couldn’t continue like this; we were all constantly unwell as our bodies were not given a chance to rest, my other half was sleeping on an airbed and Archie was so miserable throughout the day that it got to the point that I had to admit to my partner that I wasn’t enjoying being a mother anymore, something no mum ever wants to admit.

We realised we needed help and I found Leigh online. I have to admit that I didn’t think anybody would be able to help. Our baby was a cuddly one who had been rocked to sleep since birth and I didn’t believe that he would accept going to sleep any other way. I didn’t want to leave my baby to get upset either.

We had our 1 hour consultation to discuss the bespoke plan Leigh had put together and I walked away from my laptop feeling unstoppable. The method we discussed was similar to those I had read about online, but it was gentle and I was given indepth information and support that was just incredible. I felt excited to start the following night and, thanks to Leigh, I was filled with so much confidence and determination that we deflated the airbed and put it away.

I’m pleased to say that it has not been out again since. We have been given our evenings and night times back and we are all feeling much healthier and happier as a family. Archie now goes to sleep in minutes with very little help from us.

I would happily recommend Leigh to anybody. She was encouraging and friendly and the support she provided was brilliant. She was easy to talk to and did very well to be present, but not to be contacting me constantly. I felt like I was admitting defeat when I first started researching Sleep Consultants, but I can say now that there is no pride in suffering and you definitely cannot put a price on a good nights sleep! 5* out of 5

Archie – 12 months

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

7pm to 6am- sounds like a dream? It’s not! Gentle, compassionate techniques help restore happiness in a sleep deprived household

The moment I spoke with Lucy I felt so at ease and totally comfortable…… Lucy’s advice and guidance is amazing and I recommend to anyone who’s having problems with their baby’s sleep (or lack of it) Harry went from waking through the night constantly to sleeping from 7pm – 6am! In less than 2 weeks. 

It’s a gentle way to train your baby, so no leaving baby crying for ages – which was really important for me. 

Harry wakes refreshed – ready to start the day, brilliant day naps and we are all round a happier house!  Thanks again Lucy. Definitely recommend! xx

Heidi Thompson with Harry aged 6 months
Was not sleeping through the night

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

No more sleep crutches!

I cannot thank Leigh enough for the help and support she has given to myself and my family over the past month.

We begin the process with a complimentary phone call which confirmed to me that Leigh was professional, articulate and had a wealth of knowledge not just about child and baby sleep but also child development.

Leigh created a bespoke sleep plan for our baby boy which considered not just the sleep goals but also the sleep environment and our child’s personality and unfortunately bad reflux. Leigh was approachable and helpful throughout the process and couldn’t have been more supportive. Within days the evening routine was successfully instrumented and the dummy went quickly after that.

Leigh and I spoke regularly on the phone, amending the sleep plan as necessary and ensuring together we were meeting our sons sleep needs.

Within two weeks our son was in his own room in the evening and sleeping without sleep crutches. We can’t thank her enough.

Toby, 6 months

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

From trying to make it through the day to enjoying every minute

Wilbur was around 7 months (April 2019) when we realised, we couldn’t continue with all the broken sleep – we were exhausted.

Kevin was going to work in sunglasses and I was trying to get through the day rather than enjoying it with our boy.

Wilbur was exhausted too. He wasn’t napping more than 30 mins a day and was waking every few hours in the night and was irritable and frustrated. Wilbur is such a happy baby and we wanted him to be like this all the time.

We were using a multitude of ‘tricks’ to get him back to sleep. Milk on demand, falling asleep on us or on the bed; we were singing, sssshhhhhing and rocking.
All of these worked in their own small way but took time, were temporary and often he would wake when we stopped.

I was emotional and felt like I was failing, aren’t mummies supposed to be able to get their baby to sleep?

I decided to look online for sleep nannies and ‘The Sleep Nanny’ came up. I read through some of the profiles and something about Leigh just felt right and this was confirmed after her initial phone call. I remember how buoyant I felt after that call and how positive she was. She wasn’t interested in what we had done but what she could do to help us. Just what I needed. I hung up and knew she was going to be the helping hand we needed.

Leigh listened to our family needs and dynamics and asked such insightful questions which meant she was able to put together a bespoke plan for our family. She was positive, kind and so lovely that we knew this was going to work for us. And it did.

Within a day Wilbur was napping for 3 hours a day and was being to self-settle at night something we had been doing for him. He learnt the skill so quickly and is able to do this at nap and bed time.

He now goes through the night and is happier and has more energy (which is a different type of exhaustion!)

My husband and I feel so much better as we are having more sleep and I am able to be a better mummy in the day as I have more energy. I know that even if I am feeling tired, I can have a decent nap myself when Wilbur is sleeping.
Leigh IS fantastic. Her continual support and advice have been invaluable, and we know we have the plan to go back to if we ever need it.

Never once did she make us feel like we had done anything wrong, her advice is all goal focused and we knew it was manageable and structured so we could achieve our sleep goals together.

We recommend her to support your family with any sleep needs. She knows her stuff!

We would give her 5 stars! She is our star.

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

11 month old co-slept and woke every 2-3 hours!

We started working with Hayley about 3-4 weeks ago, I was dubious – my 11 month old co-slept, woke every 2-3 hours, bf to sleep at night, woke for 2 hours in the middle of the night almost every night for 4 months and was rocked to sleep for naps or slept on his pram or the car!!!! I was exhausted and went back to work this week! 😴😴😴
Within days of working with Hayley we noticed a difference and by night 4/5 we weren’t getting the long two hour night wakes, by two weeks he was sleeping in his own cot for 10/11/12 hours a night!! 🥳
3/4 weeks after we are seeing a massive improvement in his naps times too!! Yes we have the odd night he wakes but can also settle himself back to sleep too 😁 he also now wakes in a happy mood and not waking crying every morning 🥰
Hayley advises you on the best approach for your little one for your desired goals and you just have to implement the plan and be CONSISTENT! Yes there maybe times when it’s hard work but it works and you have to trust the process!! Now I’m back at work and need to start training myself to stop waking up at 5am 😂😂 just wish we had done it sooner
Thank you Hayley ☺️

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Two weeks to achieve life changing transformation for exhausted parents

In just two weeks my 8 month old has gone through a life changing transformation from waking every hour to sleeping through the night!!!

Amazing support and encouragement from Lucy, simple to apply tools and really effective techniques… Unless you are 100% happy with how your child is sleeping I would recommend you have a chat with her. Restful uninterrupted sleep is invaluable!

Before working with Lucy I was at the end of my tether and exhausted… Now Henry settles himself and is sleeping through the night in his own cot! No more rocking/bouncing/feeding him to sleep every hour…no more ninja like moves required to get out of his room undetected… no more night feeds… He is much happier during the day and he is much better at napping too.

I feel like a new well rested woman and I finally have some time to myself during the day and in the evenings! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Ellie Hughes with Henry aged 7 months
Constant night wakings and being bounced to sleep

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Before starting the sleep training, no one in our house was sleeping!

Before starting the sleep training, no one in our house was sleeping! Olivia was coming into our bed around midnight every night and rarely settled even when there. She often woke throughout the evening too and was very difficult to settle. Getting her to sleep could take hours so we could never make plans in the evening – even just to eat! We had to rock her in a chair and she often woke on being transferred to the cot. As soon as she roused slightly if we weren’t there she would get very upset.

I can’t believe she is the same child! We put her in her cot, walk out of the room and close the door and she is happy chatting to herself until she falls asleep. She now sleeps through the night without a whimper!

I was adamant that I wouldn’t do ‘controlled crying’ which is the reason I had put off sleep training for so long, but the process we followed was very gentle and I was able to comfort Olivia as much as she needed. It was hard work, but most definitely worth it! I couldn’t have completed the process without Sarah’s advice. Her understanding of child psychology and explanation of what Olivia really needed gave me the confidence to keep going in the knowledge that I really was doing what was best for my daughter. She was understanding of the fact that the routine can’t always be perfect!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Sarah and her programme. We have a much happier, more confident little girl, who is getting the sleep that she needs.

Catherine, mum to Olivia, 20 months

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

2 year old who would scream for hours at night!

Eileen helped me with my 2 year old who would scream for hours at night after having been unwell. I needed help quickly as my husband was about to go away for several weeks. Eileen was very knowledgeable and professional, and it all clicked very quickly for us. I am so grateful for Eileen, who was only a phonecall/message away and who regularly checked up on us. I feel now very confident with our bedtimes which I used to absolutely dread, and I am confident that I will be able to use all the advice Eileen gave me on my youngest. Thank you Eileen.

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

12m old waking up 8-10 times a night!

We have recently completed our 2 weeks course with Hayley. This was fantastic experience and the best Xmas gift for all of us 🙂 Before the program our 12m old son was waking up 8-10 during a night! I was so exhausted especially I knew that I need to go back to work. I’m breastfeeding and I think that was our main issue as Anthony wanted to be with me constantly.

When we met Hayley I didn’t believe that after only 2 weeks our son will actually sleep 11h! We have tried so many different methods so we knew that it won’t be easy…. but it was! At the end of program Anthony was sleeping 11 h during a night and 2-2.5h during a day! Also he doesn’t eat at night!

We are so happy and will definitely recommend Hayley to everyone! Thank you once again Hayley x

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Two years of sleep deprivation now forgotten like a bad dream

Leigh came to our lives to save us. We have been sleep deprived for 2 years – since our daughter, Julia, was born. We have tried different techniques and read few books, but we weren’t able to help our daughter to settle down and sleep through the night. Julia had most of the ‘common’ problems: she would fight to go to sleep, consistently wake during the night, consistently come out of her bed, wake up early (around 4.30am), separation anxiety, to name few.

Since our first chat Leigh gave us hope, and we felt that we could trust her completely. She is a loving and spectacular human being, and during our journey she always demonstrated that she really cared about our family’s health. She helped us making informed decision and created a plan that worked perfectly to our family. We strongly recommend Leigh to all parents and carers – even to the ones who have children that sleep through the night without much problem –, as we think that the information she provides can guarantee that the parents have a thorough understanding of the sleeping process and can be conscious of their role on that.

Rachel & Julia, 2 years old

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Superhero mum gets little boy from waking every 2-3 hours to sleeping through the night

Having 2 kids under 2 life was already pretty hectic and I was starting to feel the strain it was putting on us as a family when my youngest son Leo was still waking up every 2-3 hours wanting feeds or wanting to be comforted. He was like this from birth and I couldn’t break this habit. The last straw came when I had to go back to work when he was approaching 10 months old. I was becoming increasingly more tired and run down and with finding it hard to function being so sleep deprived, I knew I couldn’t do this alone so decided to get a sleep nanny.

I spoke to a few consultants but I was drawn to Leigh because I felt she completely understood my needs as well as Leo’s and she didn’t judge us for the way we have been doing things so far or what we had previously tried.

Leigh was very reassuring about helping us and her calm approach to sleep training was really comforting for us all to transition/adjust to and I was really impressed with the depth of the follow up calls and the advice that followed.

I always valued Leigh’s opinions, advice and the time she gave to me; I was so impressed with the bespoke plan she came up with which included and suited everyone in the family not just Leo. In less than a week Leo was sleeping throughout the night and It’s made a HUGE difference to our lives!

I couldn’t have done it without Leigh’s support and expert step by step guidance. I never felt alone or uncomfortable with anything we put in place. We would recommend Leigh in a heartbeat, she’s changed our lives for the best, my biggest regret is not getting her to help us sooner!

Thank you again Leigh, you’ve been amazing and we really have appreciate everything you’ve done for us. You’re a 5 star sleep nanny! x

Click here to book a complimentary chat with Leigh.

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Tailor made programme to suit whole family stops night wakings and 4:30am rise and shine!

We contacted Lucy when our 7.5mth old was waking in early hours and also deciding that 4:30am was an appropriate let’s start the day time! Within 2 weeks he was self-settling, sleeping though the night (6:30pm – 6:00am) and we had also got rid of his dummy. Daytime naps are still a challenge but we have the tools to work through this and he is getting better each week. Lucy tailored the programme to our needs (we also have a 3 year old) and with her support and guidance we now have the confidence to recognise sleep cues that we previously weren’t picking up on. We would definitely recommend Lucy to anyone who needs help with their children’s sleep.

Rachel and Dave Willows with Bodhi, aged 7 months
Early riser and waking in the early hours

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Everyday spent dreading nap time with baby and an early rising toddler who was constantly overtired

Lucy is absolutely wonderful. She’s guided us to help our 4 month old to learn to self-settle, using a method suitable for her. Megan was waking a few times a night but the main problem was daytime naps as she would have 30 minutes if that and wake up tired and miserable. I spent everyday dreading nap time. Bedtime was always a long struggle too as she was so overtired. 

Now Megan sleeps at least 12 hours at night with one night feed and self-settles for naps really well and stays asleep for decent lengths of time. In fact I often have to wake her up in the morning!! She loves her sleep and can’t seem to get enough of it. She wakes up happy and smiley which makes it all worthwhile. Megan can still be a bit hard to settle at bedtime but still she has made such fantastic progress to get from 2.5 hours of crying/rocking/feeding each night to about 30 minutes of fussing. 

Couldn’t recommend Lucy highly enough, she’s been such a support and it’s so reassuring to know you have such an expert to speak to and guide you through the journey.


Lucy has now helped me with my 2 year old who had started climbing out of bed dozens of times a night and was waking early in the morning, anytime from 4:30am but usually about 5:00am and as a result was constantly overtired. He’s now sleeping much better than he was and the average wake up time has changed to 6:00am which is a huge improvement!!! I feel I now have the tools I need to deal with these sorts of issues in the future too!! Thank you so much Lucy, you’re a gem!

Rachel Porter with Megan, aged 4 months and Jack aged 2 years
Non-existent daytime naps and an early riser who was always tired

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Anxious Mum of 20 week old thought there was no hope - What a transformation!

I wanted to email to say thank you for all of your help. When I started this process, I was suffering with severe post natal anxiety and had a baby who was sleeping all over the place, multiple wakings / feeds in the night, naps which were massively inconsistent and generally were 30 minutes or 3hours. Within 7 days of working with you, Carys slept through the night for the first time with a dream feed and about 2 weeks after that, we dropped the dream feed and she is still sleeping through the night from 7-7. Her first nap on day 1 was an hour and 10 minutes…amazing and since hen she has settled into a three nap routine. The best thing about it, Carys is happy, I am happy, my anxiety is hugely reduced and we have time in the evenings to be a couple again rather than going to bed at 8 every night, dreading what was to come. The whole process was kind and gentle and I have never felt like we are putting through Carys through a hard process which was very important to me. Thank you so much. I used to do an app with feeds and sleep on it (pink feeds and purple sleep!!) and the difference is incredible!!! Thank you again 🙂
The Bamfords with Carys at 20 weeks
Catnapping, feeding all night, post natal anxiety

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

From waking every hour to falling asleep happily in his cot

We were sleep deprived and barely functioning; day time naps were a battle and the nights were becoming unbearable with our little one refusing to go into his cot and waking every hour. Now our little one puts himself to sleep and loves his cot.

We would never have managed this without Leigh’s help, guidance and support – priceless!

Fred – 8 Months

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What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Waking Every Two Hours In The Night and Endless Rocking To Sleep - To Total Turnaround!

Thanks to the wonderful support and encouragement from Lucy our 7 month old baby Heidi’s sleep has improved beyond recognition! Before we began the sleep programme I would never have believed the progress you can make in such a short space of time but within 2 weeks we went from Heidi being rocked to sleep every night and waking every 2 hours to her settling herself to sleep within 20mins and waking only once or twice in the night….incredible! The techniques Lucy has helped us to put in place have been so gentle that not once have I felt uneasy with the process. I now feel like we have an excellent structure to bedtime and Heidi is sleeping longer and longer without waking as she learns to settle herself back to sleep throughout the night more confidently. I would 100% recommend you get in touch with Lucy if, like us, you are dreading night times and surviving on very little sleep! Your life could be completely different within just a few days!
Samantha Game with Heidi at 7 months
Rocking to sleep and waking every two hours all night

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

The gentle approach helps baby to start napping during the day

It took me a while to call Lucy and I am so glad I did and wish I had done so sooner. I worried about the cost but our lives were on hold through sleep deprivation and it was the best money I have ever spent, we now have our lives back! And not only that, we have achieved the previously thought impossible- up to three hours of cot naps a day, so I have time to myself in the day and a very happy baby.

By the end of the first week my baby had learned to go to sleep on his own in his cot and by the end of the second week night wakings were reduced. He has since slept through the night three times and this is a huge improvement for us.

Lucy is very approachable and was sympathetic and supportive of my gentle parenting methods and breast feeding and at no stage did I feel anything we implemented was too difficult for my little boy to accept. I would recommend to anyone in my position.
Katie and Graeme Clemens with Max, aged 10 months
Poor daytime napping and regular night waker

Overtired baby turned around at just 14 weeks old

Really happy that we booked Lucy. We started the programme quite early with our daughter (at 14 weeks) so I wasn’t expecting things to change immediately- it was so useful to have the guidance and support to make sure we were on the right track. Our little one now goes down at night without a fuss and we have our evenings back. I would highly recommend sleep nanny! The support and advice is second to none! Thank you Lucy!

Helen Barrett with Lexie, aged 8 weeks
Catnapper during the day means hard to settle at night

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Dreams of a full night sleep become reality for exhausted parents

We first started working with Leigh when our son Max was 11 months old.

The problems we were experiencing seemed like they were never ending and the thought of a full night’s sleep felt so far away. It was time for some professional help.

We had our reservations because the routine we had felt like it couldn’t be changed.

Our son was reliant on numerous methods
– Required motion to fall asleep
– Waking for unnecessary feeds
– Seperation anxiety
– Depended on the dummy
– Unable to resettle

Leigh reassured us these were common solvable issues. She put together a bespoke sleep plan based around max’s sleeping habits. We followed the plan without deviation and it proved to have the desired effect.

Leigh was professional, friendly, put us at ease and gave us the confidence to implement the new routine. We now have a baby that sleeps not only through the night but is consistently managing 11 to 12 hours.

The results have been exactly what we set out for, and we have all benefited as you can imagine. Max is doing absolutely brilliantly.

We would highly recommend Leigh and wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again should we need to.

Thanks for all your help, a very happy

Kevin, Laura and Max xx (11 months)

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Life changing results for a co-sleeping, constant night waking 13 month old

Fantastic, amazing- life changing. My little girl of 13 months was a terrible sleeper, waking several times a night. She co-slept most nights as it was easier than getting up several times a night. She would also not go down at night unless she fell asleep on me. I had tried lots of different techniques but never had the confidence to know exactly what was right for her. I did not want to let her cry out but was at a loss to know what to do. Lucy gave me all the tools and the confidence to put together a plan that was perfect for her. Lucy is incredibly knowledgeable and very supportive. At the end of the 3 weeks my little girl was going to bed without a fuss and was sleeping the whole night through, without the need to having to resort to her crying it out. Thank you so much.

Ceri Stafford with Myah aged, 13 months
Co-sleeping and constant night waking

Mum to twin girls realises her dream of a tear free bedtime

I am a mum of one year old twin girls. My one dream was to put the girls to bed awake and leave the room with no tears. Thanks to Lucy and her sleep programme this dream has become a reality!! Both girls sleep through the night now. I really can’t thank her enough. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with sleep. Thank you Lucy x

Liz Thompson with Michelle and Harriet aged 11 months
Lots of night wakings and tears

Daughter scared of cot learns to sleep soundly in it giving parents their bed back!

Working with Lucy has been amazing… I had a 16 month old that we had co slept with since she was tiny and she wouldn’t go anywhere near her cot without screaming and crying. Now, after 4 hard weeks of following Lucy’s advice.. my daughter loves her cot, will happily go in there and will sleep through the night!! Amazing… Money well spent!

Elizabeth (Liz) Dootson with Jessica, aged 15 months
Co-sleeping with a cot phobia

6 year old struggling with the idea of bedtime

After months of our 6 year old resisting bedtime and waking once or twice a night Lucy’s advice and support gave us back our sleep and sanity! If you are a parent of an older child experiencing sleep difficulties I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucy, she’s great!

Karen Edwards with Poppy aged 6
Resisting bedtime and waking in the night

5 year old finally embraces her bed and says bye bye to her comfort blanket

I am thrilled to share the news that my spirited 5 year old has been in her own bed for two nights and hasn’t tried climbing in with us. I can’t believe I’m typing this. Lucy has held our hands firmly but with great compassion and understanding. I have learnt so much more than I expected and my daughter is transitioning into her next stage of life. My daughter firmly gave me her baby blanket this evening as she didn’t need it! I would urge any parent with a child who is struggling to sleep to contact Lucy. You will not regret it and nor will your child. If only we had done it sooner. Thank you Lucy.

Boswell Morison-Johnson (Amanda Johnson) with Beatrice, aged 5 years
Would not sleep in own bed and still had a comfort blanket

Endless hours of night waking stopped in a matter of days

Lucy helped us when our toddler was not sleeping well at all and was waking in the early hours for at least 4 hours before settling back to sleep. With Lucy’s help, encouragement and support we now have a different child! It was hard work at the time but the fast results speak for themselves… We saw an improvement after just a few days and within 2 weeks his new routine was in place. He goes to bed, happily, at 7 and sleeps soundly until at least 6-6:30….. Heaven! And over all a happier little boy! Thank you Lucy!

Linsey Scotcher with Harry aged 15 months
Night waking and hard to resettle

Frequent night wakings to sleeping through the night.

My little one was really struggling to sleep at night. He was only sleeping for 2-3 hours at a time and would then be awake for up for 1-2 hours at a time. As you can imagine this was causing a lot of problems. Then I found The Sleep Nanny. Lucy devised a programme for me and with Lucy’s support and some hard work baby Tyler is now managing to sleep through the night. I cannot recommend Lucy and her methods enough. I have seen great improvements all round. If your little one is having trouble sleeping then look no further. So grateful for the help and support she has provided. She is always there and will always help if I have any questions or need guidance.

Gary Lucas with Tyler, aged 5 months
Constant night waking and hard to resettle

Baby number 2 on its way with baby number 1 still waking throughout the night!

Lucy was amazing. My 19 month old daughter was often waking 2-3 times a night. Being pregnant with my second and working full time meant I felt like a broken woman! Following Lucy’s advice, my little girl now sleeps through, is much more alert in the morning as she is more rested as a result has much happier parents! I couldn’t imagine we would get to this point, but the transformation is amazing. I’m stocking up on sleep now until the next one arrives in a couple of weeks!

Don’t hesitate if you are struggling, seek help from Lucy!

Laura Turner with Eliza, aged 19 months
Serial night waker

14 weeks old and falling asleep without parent’s help: It can be done and gently!

A very gentle approach to teaching your baby or little one the tools to fall asleep by themselves.  

Our little boy falls asleep all by himself now, still wakes in the night but now usually once, a much less tired Mummy and Daddy. Working on the day time napping now! Thank you for the support Sleep Nanny

Joy Brothwood with Teddy, aged 14 weeks
Could not self-settle and woke during the night lots

From overtired two year old to a solid sleeper in a few simple steps

Thank you Lucy for your support. After contacting you six weeks ago about my two year old and his constant waking through the night, I feel I have finally cracked it with him. He was waking four times a night usually and sometimes was every two hours like a newborn, I was so tired and it was starting to have such an effect on my day to day life. Now he goes to bed well and generally straight to sleep and has at least eight solid hours sleep and is actually sleeping through the night some nights as well. Eight solid hours sleep is amazing for me! Lucy you have taught me that I can control the situation and not let my strong willed little one get the better of me! He no longer comes into our bed and everyone is generally happier. Thank you for your advice and guidance and your knowledge in guiding me through this stage. I will recommend you to any friends who need help with their little ones regarding sleep.

Karen Lander with Finley aged 2 years
Still waking constantly in the night like a newborn

Feeding to sleep, co-sleeping and nightmare napping - we help Otto on his way to sleep soundly

We got in touch with Lucy when, after 5 months, our little tinker was still waking every hour or two and needed feeding to sleep as well as sleeping in with mum and dad. Naps took place on me in a sling, in the car, or on walks which didn’t leave much time for me to have a much needed break! With Lucy’s support Otto now goes to bed happily on his own in his own bed and stays there all night from 7-7. We still hear from him once or twice for a feed but I am confident that when the time is right I will be able to easily night wean. He also now naps in his own bed happily, as well as happily napping in other people’s houses and different beds! It’s honestly turned our lives around and we are all so much happier! Lucy was very supportive of our parenting style and without her we would definitely not have achieved so much in such a short space of time.

Suzanna Griffin with Otto, aged 5 months
Feeding to sleep every 2 hours in night and co-sleeping, naps on mum only

Napping dummy-free and self-settling - Exhausted parents of a sleepless baby get their life back!

Lucy has offered us excellent non-judgemental support which gave us the confidence and perseverance to help our little boy sleep better at night and nap better during the day. We were exhausted by our 5.5 month old boy’s regular night waking and he could only be rocked to sleep during the day. We have gotten rid of the dummy completely and he can now settle himself to sleep without needing too much comfort from us. He is not sleeping through the night quite yet but we are getting there and he only needs one feed towards morning time and can settle himself at other times. I now have my life back and I can get things done around the house as he will go down for a nap in his cot at least twice a day. Ellis has made huge progress in a short space of time. We now feel we have a better understanding of a baby’s sleeping habits and feel better equipped to help Ellis settle to sleep which has been invaluable. I definitely don’t think we would have made this progress without Lucy’s support.

Natalie and Kim Levin with Ellis, aged 5 month old
Constant night wakings and would only nap if rocked to sleep

What Parents Say Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Heidi was like a breath of fresh air!

Where do I begin, finding and contacting Heidi was like a breath of fresh air..

I have two littles ones, a girl age 33 months and a boy 18 months, both had been sleeping well till recently everything went a bit up in the air..

My daughter was still sleeping in a cot with a bottle as a comforter, with Heidi’s amazing support and help I found the confidence to transition her to a big bed (almost sleeps through alone) WITHOUT a bottle. Yes! We conquered what we thought was impossible and all get a much better nights sleep..

I can’t praise/recommend Heidi enough, we have come such a long way and thank you for your help, support and guidance.. any sleep deprived parents get on to Heidi now!!


Click here to book a complimentary chat with Heidi.

From breaking point to sleeping through within 12 nights

When we decided to contact Lucy we had reached breaking point as a family. Charlie was a few weeks from turning two and had never slept through the night for more than the odd night here and there. I was only a few weeks away from having our second child and we realised now was the time we had to change things. 

Lucy took the time to understand Charlie’s history and what things we had tried before and came up with a tailored plan for him. Charlie has a dairy intolerance and severe reflux from birth so had always been uncomfortable and upset for the first 12 months of his life and never learnt to self sooth. So we had to go back to basics just like a newborn. I knew it would be hard and tiring but I was determined to do this and Lucy was very supportive and encouraging throughout and on the 12th night Charlie slept through. We have now had 6 consecutive nights sleep which we’ve never had before. Lucy has really helped to change our family life, we are all much happier, calmer and bedtime doesn’t hold the same dread it used to.  Thank god for Lucy !

Lisa Higham with Charlie aged 23 months
Never slept through the night, dairy intolerance and reflux from baby

From a toddler that would only settle with Mummy to one that loves bedtime with Daddy and sleeps 12 hours a night!! With gentle techniques this can be achieved

We went 16 months without our son Logan sleeping through the night. He would usually be up at least 2-3 times, sometimes for up to 3 hours. I was unable to put him to bed, as he just wanted my wife and we were both exhausted from sleep deprivation. We were unsure what to expect when we contacted Lucy, however she came up with a plan tailored to our situation and guided us through the process. The method was gentle and reassuring for Logan and within 4 nights he was sleeping through. He now looks forward to bed time and sleeps a full 12 hour cycle and both of us can put him to bed without any problem. We had our doubts that this process would work when we started, but thankfully Lucy proved us wrong!

Jon and Lizzie Lane-Smith with Logan aged 16 months
Would not sleep at night and hard to settle once awake

Uniquely designed sleep plan helps parents transform their toddler into a confident sleeper

We felt like we had tried everything with our 16 month old who was still not sleeping through the night and waking very early in the morning. The thing that is so good about Lucy’s sleep programme is that it is designed specifically for your baby’s needs so it is so much more helpful and easier to follow than reading a book. We also found the support and guidance from Lucy really valuable in giving us confidence to deal with any situation. Our little boy has responded amazingly well, sleeping through the night and settling much more easily.

Helen Pitcher with Nathaniel, aged 16 months
Not sleeping through the night and an early riser

Sleepless 9 month old stealing parents’ sanity and sleep!!

Thank you so much to Lucy who has helped transform our fraught and tired household into a calm and happy one. My 9 month little boy went from no day time napping and waking almost every hour in the night to going down without any fuss or tears for a good 12 hours and 2 good long naps in the day. He has sufficient sleep and we have our evenings (and sanity) back. It has made such a difference to both his and our lives. Can’t recommend her services enough.

Alex Turner with Fletcher, aged 8.5 months
No daytime sleep and awake every hour at night

Super Sleeper created within days after 5.5 sleepless months!

Recently finished the programme with Lucy and I have to say, it was the best thing we ever did! After 5.5 months of virtually no sleep, our little boy was sleeping 11-12 hours a night within days! It was actual magic! Sometimes, as much as you know what you SHOULD (or should not) be doing to get your child to sleep, it’s really difficult to implement this at 3am when you’re super tired and all you want to do is get them back to sleep as quickly as possible! So, having someone there to hold your hand through the process and hold you accountable was invaluable. It has totally changed our lives and my husband and I can now enjoy our baby without dreading the inevitable upcoming all-nighter! Thank you Lucy!!!

Sarah and Phil Carroll with Walter, aged 5 months
Wouldn’t sleep more than 30 mins at a time!

Getting a family back on track after 18 months of sleep problems

Lucy totally worked for us, it’s fantastically helpful and reassuring that she has been exactly where you are mistakes and all (twice in fact!) and can show you and empower you so quickly and gently toward getting your family back on track. At eighteen months old our son was still not sleeping through the night and we were at our wits end. Lucy gave us all the help we needed, in less than two weeks he was sleeping through the night. We have a nine week old now as well and would not hesitate to get back in touch for a 121 if we had problems, knowing she would be fully able to help us balance both babies sleep needs along with our own . Terrific woman! Lots love the Hiles family, Loughton x

Becky (Rebekah) Hiles with Arthur, 18 months old
Not sleeping through the night

From desperate and exhausted parents who co-slept to energised and happy parents with a baby sleeping soundly in his own cot.

When I contacted Lucy, my partner and I were desperately tired from being parents to a wonderful 8 month old who despite being wonderful had never napped in a cot and woke 3 times a night on a good night and every hour on a bad night. He had done this pretty much every night since he was born and we didn’t know what to do! He was always fed to sleep which meant that resettling him nearly always fell to me as this was the only way we knew how to get him to sleep. We had ended up co-sleeping just to avoid me having to get up so much but we slept so badly with him next to us as every little movement or noise he made stirred us. Another worry we had was that as Arthur was such an early mover and crawler, one of us had to go to bed with him as if he was left alone on our bed he would potentially throw himself off it if he woke. All this meant we were beside ourselves with exhaustion and the idea of having an evening or going out was just impossible! 

Lucy was extremely supportive, non-judgemental, encouraging and basically lovely. After following her advice, Arthur is now a happy, well-rested 10 month old and his parents are too! (well, not 10 months old but happy and well-rested!). He naps in his cot for up to 1.5 hours at a time and more often than not sleeps through the night and is totally night weaned! Of course, being poorly or going through developmental phases have thrown mild spanners in the works but he is sleeping in a way we never even thought possible. We now have the option to spend time as a couple as we can leave him with babysitters knowing he is unlikely to wake up and we have the energy to do much more exciting things together as a family. And the amount of things I can now get done during nap time has pretty much changed my life! 

We are extremely grateful for the support and help Lucy gave us and also for the belief she had in us to succeed.

Francesca Hooks with Arthur, aged 8 months
Co-sleeping, feeding to settle and no napping.

From a cycle of feeding, crying, feeding, crying to sleeping soundly… 11 hours uninterrupted sleep? You must be joking?!

I approached Lucy due to desperation more than anything.  Somehow I had ended up with a 6 month old baby that was taking up to two hours to get to bed.  I would feed her, and she would fall asleep, and then I would lay her down.  Only she would wake up and cry.  So I would feed her and she would fall asleep, and then I would lay her down.  Only she would wake up and cry.  So I would feed her………. and so the cycle continued.  I didn’t know what to do but after an initial consultation with Lucy I was already feeling more confident as what I really needed was guidance.  I was dreading my first night of sleep training because I somehow thought my baby would be different and would be crying all night.  But she has amazed me and after the first night I had a baby that took half an hour to go to sleep and then slept through 11 hours straight.  Nights have been pretty fantastic ever since.  It turns out that my baby just didn’t know how to get to sleep without feeding, a sleep “crutch” as Lucy explains.  With Lucy’s guidance I gained confidence and had a plan I was able to use to give my baby the skills to put herself to sleep.  It has been the most valuable parenting advice I have had so far as a new mother.

Nazia Haq with Amara aged 6 months
Feeding to settle to sleep

Just 9 nights to get a serial night waker sleeping through

I am so happy I could cry!! This time 2 weeks ago I was struggling to get my 20 month old to bed, waking 2-3 times a night for an hour and a half a time I was exhausted and was having a massive strain on our family. 9 nights in and I have just put my son to bed and he has settled himself without me in the room in 10 minutes! I never ever thought I would get to this stage!!! Am so proud of my little Louie and can’t thank Lucy enough for your support, you have literally changed our lives!! 

Nicky Thompson with Louie, aged 20 months 
Serial night waker

For just £10 your sleep problems can be a thing of the past! Become your own sleep expert with Lucy Shrimpton’s book

I’m using this book at the moment. My first born slept through from 6 weeks so have never encountered the idea of sleep training before. My little girl was sleeping well till one week before 4 months when she became regularly wakeful (not for food) and wouldn’t nap in her cot. I moved her bedtime to earlier prior to getting the book which helped a little. I have now been using the ideas from the book for a week and the last two days she has taken three naps in her cot and slept all night from 7pm to 7am asides from taking 2 feeds, one at 12:00ish and 3:00ish. A huge improvement and I hope it is not a fluke but will continue!

An easy to read and understand book with logical, kind ideas.

Sarah Cameron, with daughter aged 4 months
Wouldn’t nap in cot and wakeful at nap times

10 months old and never slept through the night leaves family at the end of their tether.

You mentioned to me at the start that you could surpass my expectations of Maddox and my goodness did you do that! He had NEVER slept through the night and now it is a regular occurrence and even if he does wake up, he quickly resettles himself back to sleep, which was beyond my wildest imagination. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for literally changing our lives and making us a much happier and well-rested family. It was such a pleasure to work with someone as caring, genuine, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, kind and understanding as you. You never patronised us and your enthusiasm and motivation made us determined to succeed.
Danielle & CJ Talian with Maddox, aged 10 months
Never slept through the night

Using a calm approach to sleep training helps relieve mother's stress and gets child sleeping!

Lucy has a calm, caring approach, very down to earth too. Her knowledge and advice really made a difference to bedtime and helping our little one sleep trough the night. Much less stressed now! Highly recommended Lucy thank you!
Charlotte Crossman with Ziadee, 13 months old
Night wakings and not a great daytime sleeper

Zombie mum resorts to walking for miles just to get baby to nap!!

I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough. She has been so supportive and encouraging and has taken my 10 month old baby who woke every two hours through the night and had hardly taken any naps in her cot into a fantastic sleeper. Grace is so much happier and so are Mummy & Daddy!!!

I finally feel in control and I have so much confidence now with how to deal with each situation. Thank you Lucy for giving me and Grace the tools we needed for a peaceful nights’ sleep.
Naomi Hilliard with Grace, aged 8 months
Regular night waker and would not nap

With the correct sleep support and guidance your life can be transformed

The sleep programme works with parent will power! No doubting the programme works and my little boy sleeps through the night and naps and we got our sanity back!! Made a difference to my life, my relationship with my husband and my little boy was so much happier.

I originally said that the service needed more follow up but with the Facebook support page and members club, it’s really easy to have extra support following on from the initial programme. The Facebook page is brilliant to speak to other parents who are doing the same thing as you.

If you have the money to spare- do it! Worth every penny!

Also now experienced the members club, such good value for money!
Georgina Kennedy with Felix, aged 8 months
Night wakings and would not nap

From waking every hour to sleeping soundly through the night in two weeks

After our 21 month old baby decided that he no longer wanted to sleep through the night, and decided to wake up every hour through every night, with no way of settling him to sleep, we decided to contact Lucy – The Sleep Nanny.

Like most parents, we thought after having mixed results on our sons sleeping routine, that we had finally got through the worst stage……how wrong we were. Having just turned 21 months and on return from a holiday, Jack decided he didn’t want bath time anymore and was certainly not up for bedtime. Things got so bad he would make himself sick as soon as we left the room after, no matter how many cuddles, books, songs etc it was just something he didn’t want to do. As parents we felt like we were doing something wrong, so add the concern and frustration to days and weeks of no sleep it started to impact our relationship.

After our initial call with Lucy, We felt that Lucy understood what we were going through and we signed up straight away. Throughout the two weeks Lucy provided a structured routine for us to try with Jack to initially stop the vomiting and slowly move it Jack being able to self-settle himself throughout the night. If Jack didn’t like something, having the 121 call the next day kept me on track and Lucy would tweak the routine slightly and we would keep trying. I looked forward to the 121 support as I knew I would be speaking to a specialist.

Jack now loves his bedtime routine and will sleep all night most nights and Lucy has taught us new skills if he does wake up. In addition to this, we have noticed Jacks development has improved and he is a much happier boy in the mornings. We wish I knew about ‘the sleep nanny’, or had this sort of advice when we joined the NCT class etc, if we had known how to put Jack to bed from a new born, it would have helped us get him into a routine at an early age.

Melanie Spencer with Jack, aged 21 months

The Sleep Nanny has the knowledge you need!

Thanks so so much Lucy. Honestly, I’m genuinely grateful to have learned these tools from you. I can’t imagine where I’d be now if I hadn’t of had this knowledge!
Kayley Thomas with Herbie

Drastic improvements for the whole family after only a few weeks

Cannot explain the difference contacting Lucy made to our lives…..we went from barely any sleep a night and a child who caused World War III each bedtime and throughout the night, not to mention waking up anywhere from 4am for the day……to a child who says ‘nunite’ as soon as he gets out of the bath, sleeps through and stays in his bedroom till 6am. We now have a happier and well rested child, a happier older sibling through not being woken up and two happy parents who know we will get our sleep we need each and every night.

For anyone debating on whether to spend the money, or whether it will work – it is worth every penny for you, your child and any other children in the house…..and 100% works. Drastic improvements were seen within the first few days and a complete turnaround within a few weeks. Thank you so much Lucy xxx
Cassie Evans with Luca, aged 21 months

Helping your child to settle when feeding isn't enough

Lucy and the Sleep Nanny method was recommended to me by a friend and it is absolutely worth every penny. When our little boy hit the 4 month sleep regression, he was waking every 1-2 hours throughout the night and having 30 minute “disaster naps”. After a month or so of this, we were exhausted and in a low place. I was feeding him back to sleep as it was the only thing that would work and he wasn’t needing the milk as he was over flowing. Lucy gave me the confidence to find other ways to help him settle back to sleep without feeding him and within a night, he was sleeping longer, waking less, which made for a more content child.

It was a gentle and reassuring experience giving structure and confidence to the parents and the child. The follow up consultations are a great way of tweaking the tailored plan to ensure that the baby’s needs are fully met. His naps stretched from 30 minutes to over an hour in just a few weeks.

I cannot recommend Lucy enough. We now have a content and rested child who is much happier in his self and parents that are not exhausted so we can enjoy him more.

Judith Rickerby with Charlie

A gentle approach to help a family getting no sleep

After 6 months of no sleep (my little boy was waking up every two hours and I would breastfeed him each time, usually ending up co-sleeping by 3 or 4 am…), my husband and I decided it was time to do something. We wanted “help”, but were not keen on handing our baby over to a stranger, who would leave him to cry (or at least would have less emotional bonding with him so probably more able to leave him cry/fuss).

What made me decide to go for Lucy was her gentle approach. Her philosophy is to reassure the child at all times, letting him know you are here for him, whilst however not “doing it for him”. I had read 3 or 4 books already, so knew all the principles to follow, all the techniques – but with very little result on my end (some improvement but very far from what we have achieved with Lucy).

So I was skeptical at first. But I have to say, the amazing thing about having a coach, is that you can speak to her every day (or so) and hold her to it, discuss what’s working and what’s not, adjust the methods, and above all: she will tell you “you are doing the right thing, it doesn’t show yet, but persevere and in 1 or 2 nights you will see” – and she was right!! Whereas when you’re on your own, with a book or two, you can be prone to self-doubt…at least I was.

So we have gone from waking every other hour, breastfeeding being the only thing to put him back to sleep, sleeping in my room and sometimes co-sleeping, at 6 months… To…waking twice a night (going down at 7 waking once at midnight and once at 4, for two breastfeeds), sleeping in his own room. He is now 7.5 months but we saw results in less than a week.

This is not “sleep training” per se but encouraging your baby, in the most gentlest way, to trust the night and trust that you’ll be here. Lucy was recommended to me, and I would definitely recommend her too.

Stephanie Patureau

With a clear strategy and regular support, we were sleeping soundly after only 3 nights!

We were highly skeptical about whether anything could get our 17-month-old to sleep through the night, but within 3 nights we had our first full night of sleep. Lucy’s friendly support and gentle, straightforward approach made the process seem manageable by giving us a clear strategy and regular support. It has given us our lives back knowing that our son will go to bed every night with no fuss and sleep through. It is such a change from a fortnight ago when we dreaded night time and felt totally abandoned and at sea. We cannot recommend Lucy highly enough!
Dave Vincent with Benjamin, aged 16 months

The Sleep Nanny helps a 3 year old sleep soundly through the night

Fantastic my 3 year old is now regularly sleeping through! What a luxury xx
Claire Littlejohn with Ava

Helping a mum deal with her child's night terrors

I’ve literally just been on your live video. And I want to say thank you so so much, you giving me time of day has really made me emotional (probably through complete lack of sleep lol) Thank you for helping me understand NIGHT TERRORS more and clarifying that not approaching her in the middle of a night terror isn’t me being a bad mum. I’ve tried everything, and feel so helpless. Thank you for your help xx
Cheryl Bates

No more waking and crying for milk... in just 2 weeks!

We saw The Sleep Nanny on my local parents Facebook group and after watching a few of Lucy’s clips felt she could really help us with our problem. We have a 2 and a half year old boy who was still very attached to night bottle feeds…waking and crying for milk. That could happen several times a night and despite many attempts and various methods to stop it, only after a feed would he go back down. We knew this had to stop but didn’t know how. So after our initial Skype chat, then following Lucy’s instructions and advice we pretty much had him sleeping through the night in just over two weeks. Amazing! Thank you Lucy both for solving our problem and finally allowing us a decent nights sleep again. 😃 Awesome work couldn’t recommend The Sleep Nanny enough!
Bernie Donohoe

Support every step of the way

I came across The Sleep Nanny website when trawling the Internet for ideas to help my 16 month old boy sleep in his cot and go through the night. Life consisted of a lengthy bedtime routine which would involve rocking or cuddling him to sleep before attempting to lower him into his cot without him waking. This could take up to an hour and more often than not, he would wake again within a couple of hours requiring a repeat of the process to get him back into his cot. By 4am most mornings he would be in bed with us which he took as a green light to breastfeed on and off until wake-up time. His daytime mood made it clear that he was not getting nearly enough quality sleep so we decided that we needed to address his sleep routine for all our sakes.

When a friend told me that they had also used The Sleep Nanny and had great success I took that as a sign and booked us in. With a family holiday looming, we were really happy that Lucy was able to start the process very quickly and within a few days we had our video call with Lucy. Throughout the whole process Lucy was wonderful, supporting us every step of the way and giving us reasons for everything we were doing. I told her that I really wanted to continue breastfeeding, which was something that so many people had told me I would need to stop if I ever wanted him to sleep through the night. Lucy assured me that this wasn’t the case and tailor-made a plan for us. We had never felt comfortable letting him ‘cry it out’ and Lucy’s methods were gentle and manageable, but firm enough to establish the routine that we needed. We saw results much quicker than we ever hoped for and after just two nights he slept through the night for the first time ever. Getting him settled in the evenings was also a very different experience and we could put him down in his cot awake and he would fall asleep himself. We were astonished at how quickly he took to the new routine.

The difference Lucy made to our lives is enormous. Not only is he sleeping through the night, meaning we can get a solid 8 hours sleep ourselves, but we have our evenings back which is so important when you both work. For anyone thinking that there’s no way that THEIR child will ever self-soothe or sleep in their own cot, I can tell you that we thought the same, but Lucy’s methods work and, crucially, she is there to support you every step of the way.
Holley Conway with Kit, aged 16 months

What price do you put on sleep?

Before we found Lucy we were at breaking point. In July 2016, we decided enough was enough and something had to be done. When we came across The Sleep Nanny aka Lucy little did we know that life was about to change – for the better! When I got in contact with Lucy, I really felt as if she really understood what we were going through, she was non judgmental, extremely positive and was sure that with a little more consistency we could get a full nights sleep again. I have to admit I was a little skeptical but I needn’t have worried! On day one of our new plan our little girl slept for 8 hours straight! This had never happened before. Prior to this she was waking every two hours and was fed to sleep each time. By the third night she was sleeping for 12 hours and she was able to self soothe and slowly drift off to sleep. We were absolutely amazed that we were able to get through this in such a short space of time.

You might ask, has it been plain sailing since July? Well, on the most part the answer is YES! There have been some minor glitches but Lucy has been there to support us and equip us with the tools we need to tackle the issues. You cannot put a price on sleep, so if you are going through a similar situation get in touch with Lucy.
Sukhkit Sander with Eisha, aged 8 months

Screamer to Dreamer - best money ever spent!

From start to finish, nothing but amazing, caring people from the induction call to the final follow up. Our 6 month old son used to settle to sleep well, but after his 4 month regression he completely forgot how to sleep. We felt we had tried everything, and I would dread every nap and bed time. Now, he is so peaceful, it’s the best thing we ever did for him… and us!

When people tell you “it gets better” it did for us as soon as we sought help through the sleep nanny.
Megan O’Neill

Sleep Nanny, you are amazing!

Sleep Nanny you are amazing!! No more early wake ups!
Followed your advice once again…naps 12:30-2/2:30pm (more often 2:30), bedtime 6:30pm (asleep by 6:45/6:50pm) not a peep until 6:30am!

Our daughter has learnt to settle herself

We want to say a huge thank you to Lily for working with us to improve our 8 month old’s quality and quantity of sleep over the last few weeks. Before we started, our daughter was unable to get to sleep without being carried or in the pushchair and she woke frequently throughout the night. With Lily’s support and following the fade out technique, she has learnt to settle herself and has slept through the night on multiple occasions.

Lily gave us the confidence to follow the techniques and to break our bad habits, something we would have definitely struggled to do without her support. She was always available to talk, discuss ideas, problem solve and really gave us the push we needed to make the required changes.

The best thing about working with Lily was her positivity. She was full of praise on a good day and able to confidentially encourage us when things didn’t go quite to plan, which when you are dealing with sleep deprived parents, is much needed!’

Lisa Gale

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The Sleep Nanny
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Do you find you have to do something to or for your little one in order for them to go to sleep? Is there a particular thing or a bunch of things that send them off into the land of nod?This week, in a brand new episode of The Sleep Nanny Show I share with you how to get your little one to self settle, happily, responsively and effectively! <<<>>>I share my loving approach to guiding babies and young children through the essential process of adjusting to their own sleep space, becoming at ease with being placed down for sleep and needing less and less help to actually get to sleep until they’re totally competent and can self settle happily.When little ones can settle themselves to sleep at the onset of sleep, they can then resettle their minor wakings between sleep cycles which leads to them achieving longer and longer stretches of nourishing and restorative sleep (and for you too)!Tag a friend who needs to hear this advice! ... See MoreSee Less
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The Sleep Nanny
>>>> You can sleep through the night and your little one can too! <<<<Head over to this week's episode of The Sleep Nanny show,, where you’ll learn how to teach your little one to sleep through the night in 5 simple steps and it's never too early to learn this!If you have a newborn, check this out now because you’ll soon be able to get into good rhythms and practices to accommodate these 5 steps as soon as you spot your baby is ready.Broken sleep for too long can affect health, mental well-being, learning capacity, safety and all round happiness to name just a few things! Tag someone who really needs to see these steps to get more sleep!! ... See MoreSee Less
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The Sleep Nanny
Sleep tip: Moving up to a big bed? It is best to wait as near to 3 years old as you can get ... See MoreSee Less
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The Sleep Nanny
Somewhere between 4 and 6 months is the time to begin helping your baby to practice settling to sleep ... See MoreSee Less
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The Sleep Nanny
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4 months ago

The Sleep Nanny
Do you find you have to do something to or for your little one in order for them to go to sleep? Is there a particular thing or a bunch of things that send them off into the land of nod?This week, in a brand new episode of The Sleep Nanny Show I share with you how to get your little one to self settle, happily, responsively and effectively! <<<>>>I share my loving approach to guiding babies and young children through the essential process of adjusting to their own sleep space, becoming at ease with being placed down for sleep and needing less and less help to actually get to sleep until they’re totally competent and can self settle happily.When little ones can settle themselves to sleep at the onset of sleep, they can then resettle their minor wakings between sleep cycles which leads to them achieving longer and longer stretches of nourishing and restorative sleep (and for you too)!Tag a friend who needs to hear this advice! ... See MoreSee Less
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